Time and again, people are foxed by security alarms that are set off by the harmless movement of the pets. That is the reason it is preferable to opt for a more sophisticated variety of pet-friendly alarms, or in other words, the ones that are never set off by the movement of pets

What are pet-friendly alarm systems?

If you think that pet-friendly alarm systems are a more specialised, expensive alarm system, it is s wrong notion. Yes, they are more sophisticated, but definitely not expensive. From the functional point of view, the pet-friendly alarm systems are absolutely similar to the standard home alarms. 

The only catch about these security alarms available in Wollongong like in any other part of Australia is that it has an extra clever feature that makes it 'pet-friendly'. This feature comes in the form of motion sensors installed in the alarm panel, which make them Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs).

How do these alarms work? 

The ‘clever’ and the different part of these systems, which makes them ‘pet-friendly’ is that the motion sensors in these alarm systems come with an alarm panel, which is actually a pet-friendly Passive Infrared Motion Sensor (PIR).

These PIRs are designed to ignore any changes triggered off by the passive infrared, caused by the movement or change in the body heat at the level of the floor, up to 35 kg in terms of weight/mass.

The functionality of a Passive PIR Detector is to detect the movement of body heat or passive infrared energy. The detector keeps on permanently checking for any change in the thermal environment in the area under its surveillance. 

When a room or an area is empty, its passive infra-red energy remains stable and does not undergo any sudden, rapid change. However, the moment any individual gets into the room or that area, it triggers off a massive and sudden change in the infrared energy, which is triggered off by the infra-red/heat emitted from the body of that individual. Now this sudden and massive change in the infrared energy is picked by the sensor, triggering the alarm. 

If you have watched the 1987 Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Predator’ featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is how the alien used to pick up the movement of human beings, in that film. 

Can cats and dogs trigger the alarm? 

Cats will surely not make any difference, (unless they jump up on cabinet rooftops or sinks and sills), but the bigger dogs like Great Dane, Mastiff, and Irish Wolfhounds, Bigger German Shepherds will! Even other smaller dogs can, when they stand up, putting their front limbs up on the windows sills. Nevertheless, fret not! There are options for the owners of these 'boys ‘n girls’. It is wiser for the owners of cats and dogs to back this security alarm system with sensors that are attached with the windows and doors so that the moment they are opened, that will trigger the alarm off. You will find a wide range of these door &window security alarms in Shellharbour, which you can opt for, as per your need. 

That is a different story altogether though!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a security expert and owner of a company that sells various types of security alarms in Shellharbour and Wollongong. The author is also an avid blogger.