The human body cannot biosynthesize adequate amounts of the essential fatty acids, and people must have them via diet. The essential omega 3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA, and ALA.

Hemp seed and Flaxseed oils are the most abundant vegetable sources of omega 3. However, a good part of this Omega 3 is ALA. Under optimal conditions, the human body can convert a definite quantity of ALA to EPA and DHA. But, rarely do people have excess ALA for converting. Humans are also known for a bad conversion rate of between 5% and 20% of the required amount. Thus, it’s almost impossible for vegans to have adequate quantities of EPA and DHA. Fish or fish oils make the most accessible and most abundant source of these fats.

An Omega 3 supplement made especially for kids

Sisu Kid's Omega 3 Bursts

The Sisu Kid's Omega 3 Bursts is a wild fish oil supplement of high potency. It offers a percentage of 40% and 20% EPA and DHA and vitamin E for antioxidant support. The supplement supports the brain, skin, and heart health and controls inflammation. Children like the fish like chewable capsules that have a Natural fruit punch flavor. Natural xylitol lends sweetness. Kids who don't fancy the chewy texture can dispose of it after it bursts in the mouth.

Vitamin D of optimal potency

People of the northern hemisphere, darker-skinned people, seniors, vegans, and people on a low protein diet have Vitamin D deficiency. Health specialists say that the right amount of vitamin D reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, pneumonia, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.

Sisu Vitamin D come as easily swallowed tablets with optimal 1000 IU potency. One D tablet offers Vitamin D of 1,000 IU. This amount is the maximum permitted in Canadian supplements.

A blend of B Vitamins and herbs for stress

B Vitamins are vital for brain and adrenal functions as they strengthen the adrenal glands for producing hormones on demand. Sisu B Calm combats the symptoms of stress with a blend of Rhodiola Rosea and B vitamins for promoting healthy physical responses to high stress.

The supplement is ideal for overcoming Adrenal exhaustion and regaining energy and motivation. An excellent place to buy it is

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