Gold will always be the ultimate investment for hedging against the dollar. You can make the most direct counter to the dollar by investing in gold through ownership of gold mining stock, mutual funds or the metal itself. Gold inevitably rises when the dollar falls. It is a tangible asset that can offer you stability and security even in the toughest of times. When you have made up your mind to invest in gold, you will discover that there are a number of ways you can do so. It is up to you to decide what works best for you. Some of the best ways you can go about it are outlined below:

Direct ownership

There is nothing better than the gold bullion, which is the expression of pure value. It is the only real money and its value will not change because it is not controlled by the government. In fact, based on the forces of demand and supply, gold’s value will rise. Instead of being a speculative asset, it is better to consider gold as a defensive asset for holding value. If you want to preserve value, you can invest in gold bullion by going to First Fidelity Reserve.

Gold exchange-traded funds

A very interesting way of investing in gold is through exchange-traded funds, which have become quite popular nowadays. An EFT is a kind of mutual fund that can be traded on a stock exchange, similar to regular stocks. There are two gold EFTs that currently trade in the United States, which hold gold bullion as their asset, and both offer you a practical way of holding gold in your investment portfolio.

Gold mutual funds

If investing in physical gold doesn’t appeal to you, but you still want to invest in this precious metal, you have the perfect opportunity in gold mutual funds. Simply put, they hold portfolios of gold stock i.e. stocks of companies that mine gold. You can opt for funds that offer senior gold stock i.e. stock of large and well-capitalized companies with mines that produce great quantities of gold every year.

Junior gold stocks

This kind of stock is speculative in nature because they don’t own very productive mines. Their capitalization is also smaller as compared to the senior gold stocks, but this kind of investment is better suited to those who have a broader risk tolerance and who can accept the possibility of loss.

Gold futures and options

For the more experienced and sophisticated investor, gold options are a great way of investing and they involve speculating gold prices. The advantage in the options market is that you can speculate in either direction. Buying a call means that you expect the prices to rise whereas buying a put means you expect them to fall. Yes, this is very risky due to which it is a good option for experienced traders.

These are some of the best ways of making a gold investment. You can choose a method according to your comfort level and reap the returns.

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