A folding chair is an ideal choice as it can be used in different social events and also for everyday use in your house. They are lightweight portable chair which you can fold it flat or store them in a stack or a row. Folding chairs are a great option if you have invited a large number of friends and family at your house for some occasion. These chairs are used in many public events such as sporting games, college graduation, competitions or other religious events. Depending on the design we can classify folding chairs into two types i.e. side X chairs and front X chairs. Side X chairs comprise of two X-shaped parts and a sheet of cloth is placed between them. While the front X chairs include a backrest. These stackable chairs are available in different colours and styles. Foldable chairs are easy to carry and organise.
The frame of a folding chair is generally made up of steel, wood, plastic or other metals. Wooden folding chairs are durable and robust. These chairs are the best option to use in outdoor space such as garden area. If you place this chair in the garden they will easily match your garden’s décor and also you do not have to put them inside your home every time when it rains. The foldable chair is the comfortable type of seating chair and also provides support to the spine. The popularity of folding table and chairs is increasing rapidly as they offer many advantages at a moderate cost. These chairs are widely used for business purpose as well as in houses where space is a major concern. Listed below are the few advantages of having a folding chair:
1.Comfort: Nowadays, folding chairs come with padded seats providing great comfort for a longer period of seating and also have back support.
2.Durability: Highest quality materials are being used in the making of a folding chair frame. Many chairs are designed to be weather resistant i.e. they can tolerate the scorching sunlight and heavy rainfall.
3.Easy storage: You do not require a special storage place to store these chairs. You can fold them easily and place them where ever you want by arranging them in a heap or in a line.
4.User-friendly: Apart from easy storage and longer durability, foldable chairs are also user-friendly. You do not require any extra mechanism to place these chairs. You need to just unfold the chair and place them wherever you desire.
5.Transportable: During public gatherings such as in some school or college meeting where you want all the people present to be seated at one place, these chairs are the best option to rely upon. Since these chairs can be moved easily from one place to another as they are light in weight.
There are people who want to have high-quality chairs and do not want to spend much on it as they need to place the chairs in the garden or on the lawn or just use them roughly. A foldable chair serves all these purposes as they do not wear out easily and you can also save money since they are available at a moderate price range.

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