Wordpress undoubtedly the best alternative available for creating a website because of its many benefits. In today’s digital world where every business and individual look for online visibility, WordPress is said to be the right solution. If you ask anyone on how to create a website, more than likely they are going to suggest you WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is simply a content management system (CMS). It is basically software that manages content people put on their website. It is a good choice if someone wants to start a blog about his/her passion, wish to design an e-commerce store to sell products online or just to build a website for a business in order to enhance its online visibility. Worldwide, most of the websites are being designed on the WordPress and it powers around 30% of the total websites according to some data.

Undoubtedly with WordPress, creating a website has become really easy. However, it does offer a fair share of issues that trouble most of the users. Some of the issues are generic and can be addressed with minor revision or alteration while the other complication requires sound technical knowledge. Here are some of the well known common yet most troubling issues faced by users while working on WordPress

a. Issue connecting with the database

One may face database connection error when the website isn’t able to connect with the database. This usually arises when the website has been hacked or if there are some issues with web host provider.

In order to fix the issue, one has to check the wp-config.php file to see if the login credentials along with the database name and host are all correct and not missing. If this doesn’t solve the problem and error still continues, one can try repairing the error by adding

define (‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);

to initiate the repair of the database. If everything is intact and error still prevails, one must seek assistance from host provider as the error might occur due to issues from their end.

b. Error 404

Error 404 has always been an irritating error, in case of WordPress 404 Error arises when the website is unable to locate a page or post you are trying to access. In order to fix this issue, one needs to reconfigure the permalink setting within the WordPress setting by navigating through setting option and then Permalinks. Moreover, one can also manually update the rules in regard to rewriting and get through the annoying issue.

c. White screen error

It often arises when one has exhausted a memory limit. Sometimes the issue arises with a single page or just a post but in majority of cases, it happens with the whole site. To fix the problem and get everything back to normal, one may try checking the existing theme and plugins for the compatibility issues. Checking through all the installed plugins could be a lengthy process as one needs to deactivate and reactivate all of them one by one, to figure out what exactly has been wrong.

Another way of getting the issue fixed is to increase the memory limit. Plugins and themes rack up plenty of space and increasing memory limit are free in WordPress and one can implement it with the help of tutorial provided by WordPress.

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