Graphic designing involves activities beyond creation of extraordinary looking websites. Graphic designing involves incorporation of graphic elements and colours to sync with a business idea, triggering an effectual visual result. Their chief aim is to balance between looks and functionality. Graphic designing is however not totally about impressing Google with aesthetically pleasing websites. 

When SEO steps into the scene 

With time graphic designing has turned more prolific. The parameters considered for graphic designing are based on what impresses Google and how the search engine interprets images and grant rankings for a website. This is simply where the role of SEO steps in. Today we are seeing SEO strategies become technically inclined towards design components. It’s hard to believe but SEO is urging graphic designers to incorporate all kinds of user-oriented graphic components. That’s why in 2021 we are witnessing a vast majority of graphic designers considering these 6 elementary SEO factors to ensure their works help websites rank on top. 

Top 6 SEO Tips for Graphic Designers 

Designing for humans 

It is true graphic designing is a visual approach to communicate an idea with a problem solving intent by means of using photography, typography and illustration. Designing to draw the attention of viewers is among the basics of Graphic designing. What is most interesting is that designers have to take into account the various issues which users face and how a particular product or service will help address their needs. It seems like graphic designing services in Sydney are more human centric, infusing needs and trends into a design.

Creation of mobile friendly visual elements 

In a time when we can barely think of ourselves without a smartphone, the 2021 Graphic designing strategies which are in sync with SEO needs see visual elements on a serious note. Google is currently ranking mobile adaptable websites at the top. It’s a fact around 70% of users access the internet through smartphones, which makes it pretty obvious why graphics should be more mobile friendly. Designers are highly considering the effects user experience has on Google Analytics. 

“Scannable” or readable structure

Scannability is important when choosing a graphic design for a website. Users are generally interested in how components are depicted on a website. The impact apps and websites have on users definitely helps the graphic designer, come to a conclusion on whether or not they should stay on the website. During such a crucial moment the role of website development services company in Sydney came into play. Scannability and usability of a website and its contents are integral aspects of SEO which graphic designers ought to pay attention to. Graphic designers will chiefly look for eye-tracking patterns of users. Generally the Z, Zig Zag and F patterns form an integral part of a website’s visual hierarchy. 

Insert Visuals 

When inserting a visual into a graphic design, the specialist will consider searching answers for questions like: 

  • Which are more appealing as visuals? 
  • How ideal should be a textual description of a given product? 
  • Should the description include a pictorial or video of the product? 

Finding answers to these questions is part of the research which website design service professionals in Sydney take into consideration because visuals hold more foothold as a major impact triggering element than text. Designers take into consideration the fact that 90% of the total information which is transmitted to a human brain is visual and users have a tendency to process visuals 60,000X faster than text. 


Favicon is considered an elementary icon which is linked with a website and its brand. It helps users distinguish a website from nearly a dozen tabs which are opened on a particular browser. A memorable favicon is easily recognisable, simple with a brand icon and letter. It must be sharp and clear. 

Psychological patterns considered in design principles 

Did you know the key to a successful website lies with how well it is able to connect with the target audience? Understanding human psychology thus plays a major role in graphic designs and SEO contexts. Today’s tools are more human centric. Human psychology is a priority for the graphic designer whose aim is to connect with varying human psychology and develop elements which are easy to recognise and faster to adopt. 

Although we admit a lot of skills, creativity and strategic implementation go into creating highly impactful visual designs yet a graphic designer should ensure that the designs they come up with should merge with SEO strategies.

Author's Bio: 

the author runs a website design service company in Sydney. In recent times the author has been shedding light on how website rankings can be improved with goal oriented designs and strategies.