‘Meditation techniques for beginners’ is one of the most sought for topic with the people who are worn out by their dreary routine. Most of the people who are job holders and their job demands working under pressure suffer from anxiety. Continuous workload causes them permanent frustration and they feel that their attitudes have become astringent with their family and relations. They know that this anxiety may offer potential hazards to their social life and that’s why they look for meditation techniques for beginners. If you are one of them, you should realize that such anxiety and angst can also cause several physiological disorders like loss of hunger, gastric disorders, languor and many others.
Let’s learn about the most effective meditation techniques for beginners and their repercussions.
Breathe Meditation
This is perhaps the most remarkable meditation techniques for beginners. The fact is palpable as every search for meditation techniques for beginners will bring this technique at the top of the list. This technique is effective and liked by most of the followers because it’s very easy and worth adopting. In this technique, you just have to develop control over your breathing process. Close the eyes and notice the way you breathe. Is it deep or shallow? Is it your upper chest or belly involved in breathing? Take a little time to decipher these facts. Offhand all the thoughts from your mind and be still. Don’t let your thoughts wander here and there and keep focusing on your breath. You can start this practice with 5 minutes gradually taking it to thirty minutes a day. Now you can assess that among all other meditation techniques for beginners, this technique is extremely simple. Once you become able to extend this duration to 30 minutes, you will surely realize a perceptible change in yourself and will feel that you have trounced most of your stress and anxiety.
Flame Meditation
This is also one of the most effective meditation techniques for beginners that demands a strong imagination. In this technique, you just have to sit in a relaxed position with close eyes and have to imagine a burning candle flame. Contemplate on the exquisiteness of the flame. If you feel that you are thinking something else also, just jerk it off your mind and keep focusing on the flame. This may appear irritating in the beginning but soon you will find it comfortable. You can also imagine a blossoming flower or some other natural panorama that you have visited in the past instead of a candle flame.
Open Eye Meditation
This is also one of the easiest meditation techniques for beginners that require you to focus your attention on a real object with open eyes. You can choose any object of your choice that can be a fountain, a wall or even a flower. Clear your mind and start gazing at this object without paying attention to the other objects around. Try to be as calmer as possible and achieve a meditative state. These types of meditation techniques for beginners need a separate, quiet and peaceful place so that you don’t lose attention due to external factors.

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