Being overweight has become a global health concern nowadays. With fast pace of life, many of us follow sedentary lifestyle. Usually, we eat whatever is easy and quick to make and end up gaining fat.The excess fat once get accumulated cannot be easily lost. But the good news is that proper food choices can shed off your extra calories and help you loose weight.

On the contrary, some people are not overweight but have some areas of fat which cannot get rid through merely by diet changes. In these cases, cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction can help. Liposuction is a contouring procedure that can help to improve your body shape. You can attain the ideal shape through the process consulting best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. The surgery is very effective to help you lose pounds from specified area and gives you ideal figure you are looking for.

Although the surgical process can remove fat from few parts of body but it doesn't eliminate your food cravings. So, proper diet and exercise is important for removing excess calories from your body.The weight can easily be lost when you burn more calories than you consume. Moreover, there are foods that can increase your fat burning potential and also help you feel full for long time. All you need to include those food items in your diet to get slimmer and healthier in no time.

  1. Apple cider vinegar : It is a great natural bile stimulant and acid reflux preventer. Consuming it can increase feelings of fullness and make you eat fewer calories for the rest of the day.
  2. Cinnamon: Along with enhancing flavour of your breakfast, it helps to balance blood sugar levels and reduces bad cholesterol .
  3. Brown rice: Many of you might love to eat rice but once you are on the weight loss plan, you avoid eating it as it’s a carb and increases your calories. But do you know that brown rice is good for you. It can help you lose weight as it is absorbed more slowly by the bloodstream than white rice.
  4. Oatmeal: This is one of the food with plenty of benefits. It is rich in fiber,stomach filling and healthy as well. You can consume a bowl of oatmeal to satisfy your hunger and improve your metabolic health.
  5. Beans: These are high in fiber and helps to keep you feel fuller. Beans are fairly low in calories which can increase the nutrient intake, lowers body weight, reduces LDL cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease. You can have them in homemade veggie, soups or salads.
  6. Avocados: Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and contain a lot of fiber as well. Eating avocados tend to lower BMI, body weight and waist circumference. Though these are higher in calories but the fat and fiber in it help you slim down. You can have it in your salad, sandwich etc.
  7. Fruits: Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Some fruits such as Apples contain high amount of fiber. Thus, it can aid you in weight loss by helping you feel fuller for long.
  8. Cruciferous Vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc.These veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals along with high fiber content. Eating these veggies can help you prevent weight gain providing good nutrition of protein, fibers, vitamins and minerals.
  9. Leafy Greens: Leafy greens make up a perfect plate for a weight loss diet. You can include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards etc as these are loaded with fiber and are best for your meals.
  10. Yogurt: Yogurt has lots of probiotics which are good for your gut health. It keeps the gut bacteria happy and maintains healthy metabolism. Thus, it reduces the appetite and increases satiety. You can take plain yogurt with fresh fruits to enhance its benefits.

So, if you really want to shed off your excess fat and lose weight then forget adding up calories instead try to reduce it. Focus on the food items you consume, follow healthy lifestyle, exercise and follow the commitment to lose weight. Stay motivated and committed, surely you will get best results.

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