Four years ago the card processor Heartland Payment experienced a database break in which subjected over financial risk. Just last year Sony Playstation Network was breached. One hundred million consumers had their card info exposed. This time internet thieves have gone back to one of the many sources.

Spokespeople for the two major credit card companies announced that Atlanta base card processor Global Payments was broken into along with the organization only discovered it just recently. While the numbers are nothing like the previously listed that is very little comfort to the one and a half million cardholders who are now vulnerable to identity theft. Not surprisingly Visa is no longer conducting business with Global.

These kinds of database break ins make nationwide news yet the local news media is full of reports of identity fraud on a daily basis. Take for instance two individuals in The Atlanta area were not too long ago found guilty after going on a four year spree where they stole mail, credit cards and other information to open fraudulent accounts. Another group in Albuquerque utilized courtroom documents open to the public online to steal the identity of over two hundred individuals.

All these incidents as well as the many others that go unreported point to a few very ugly realities when it comes to identity theft and fraud

1. There Is Absolutely No Such Thing As One Hundred Percent Guaranteed Prevention

Regardless of the bank or security company none of them can stop your personal identity from getting stolen. Guarding the social security along with other personal information can reduce the risk and in a few instances very significantly. But the the main thing is much of your information is out there whether it's medical records, credit card information or as the Albuquerque mishap demonstrates courtroom files.

In addition to that identity thieves are discovering even more ways to seize what is yours. Mobile phones are now under siege. Even though some identity theft businesses do a great job of monitoring what's happening and also working with you to recover your personal identity they are unable to prevent the attack from happening

2. More Than Likely You Know The Thief

Roughly 50 percent of people that have their identities stolen know the person who did it. Most recently a lady was arrested for stealing her very own sister's identity. The sad part is many of these crimes go unreported because the victim either does not know or just does not have the heart to call the police.

3. Fixing The Credit Is Difficult

It is really challenging dealing with the credit bureaus especially if you aren't using some kind of service. The credit bureaus still tend to be quite slow clearing this stuff off your records even when you provide more than enough evidence demonstrating that you are not accountable for the bogus charges made.

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