Life has been changed in a spectacular way by the introduction of technology. Technology helps us to live our life in a better way. The history of writing goes way back to centuries. Researchers have even discovered the scrolls from the library of Alexandria. In modern times computers have taken and the place of books and for reproducing books now one don’t have to sit and copy them just press a button and the device which enables us to do so is called a printer. Printers has been manufactured many reputed multinational companies in the world.Let us now take a look about a printer manufactured by Xerox engineering systems.XES syergix 8850 is a supreme quality printer manufactured the Xerox systems.While operating a XESsyergix 8850 there are some things that we have to keep in mind.

• XES syergix 8850 is designed such that it is tested to meet strictly safety requirements.These requirements include safety examination and approval plus compliance in association with established environmental standards.

• The instruction manual has be read before operating.XES syergix8850 as it is essential for continued safety operations.

• You have to take atmost care that all the warnings and instructions has been followed while operating XES syergix 8850.

• When we are cleaning the exterior don’t for get to unplug the units as cleaning without unplugging is a big risk.

• The material which is to be used along with the printer has to be specifically designed for the printer.The use of alternative materials can cause damage to the printer and can result in hazardous situation.

• The use of aerosol cleaners has to be strictly avoided.There are other methods for cleaning the printer and has to follow with the instruction manual.

• Always place the things used for the cleaning of the machine out of reach of the children.The materials which are intended to be used as the cleaning agents should not be used for any other purpose other than what it is made for.

• The units should not be used near water or wet locations. As any other machine the presence of water can cause damage to the parts.

• There is another safety feature which has to be remembered that is,the components in the product will be equipped with 3 wires ad it will have a grounding pin.The plug has to removed by only those who are expert in the field, say an electrician.

• We should always remember that the ground plug should be never used to connect the system to a power source.

• The operation of the system should be from the type of power source which is indicated on the marking label. If there is any confusion regarding the type of power available contact the local power company.

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