You may already know enough about breast cancer but when we talk about breast cancer awareness it’s a never-ending phenomenon like many other awareness campaigns or programs. We need to talk about this as much as we can, not to create panic but to develop an understanding for this disease. There are several things that we can do to avoid breast cancer. The symptoms are very much known and how much screening is essential also not an enigma. We may also know about the treatment s and procedures, then where there is a loophole. We actually need to focus this particular point. At least we can have a personal check on followings to avoid the disease and can also spread these to others as part of breast cancer awareness matter.

1. Keep your Weight in Control:
Weight management is through a bit difficult but not impossible. Weight itself is a big issue indeed. One needs to keep her body in good shape. This can help out in weight management in order to prevent many cancers including breast cancer, especially menopause.

2. Remain Active Physically:
Exercise is very much essential for survival like food but one needs to understand this reality. According to a study women who remain physically active have fewer risks of breast cancer. This is how you can also maintain your weight to look more beautiful.

3. Live an Alcohol-free life:
Alcohol is too much dangerous for you. There are so many health issues and complications that can occur because of this. It usually increases the weight along with many other issues.

4. Breastfeeding a good Solution:
It is said that breastfeeding lowers the risk of breast cancer in a woman. It is an easy way to avoid breast cancer.

5. Evade Birth Control Pills:
These pills might be used for some good purposes but also carries some of the risks especially in women with more than 35 years of age. Apart from breast cancer they also increase the risk of heart disease so this can be one option.

6. Avoid Post-Menopausal Hormones:
A woman should not take Post-menopausal hormones shouldn’t in order to avoid so many issues including breast cancer. According to researches estrogen hormones and estrogen-plus-progestin hormones use to increase the risks of breast cancer.

7. Pay attention to Family History:
The family history of some particular disease matters a lot. Women who have a solid family history of breast cancer can be on higher risks comparatively. This is a very easy way to at least be aware of the risk factors. One needs to keep this in mind and should take it as a breast cancer awareness routine.

8. Tamoxifen and Raloxifene are highly Dangerous:
These medicines might be effective for women with higher risk of breast cancer but not for everyone, so one needs to distinguish it. Those who are in no need to take these medicines can have side effects and that too very severe. To avoid such risks. Consult your doctor and be the breast cancer awareness.

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