Like various other states in the United States of America, the state laws in Nevada grants permission for the execution of prostitution services in few of the counties according to government laws. Below are some of the important and realistic about the practice of prostitution in the state of Nevada, and about which most of the visitors to Nevada are unknown.

1. The practice of legal sex work: There is a common myth among lots of people that the practice of legal sex work is permissible throughout the state. Interestingly it is not true. The practice of legal sex work in Nevada is allowed only in a few of the counties and that also with lots of restrictions that are strictly to be followed by the people involved in these activities. According to administrative laws prevailing in such counties, the brothel houses must get a certificate from the authorities for the execution of such services. The use of condom is mandatory in the brothel houses for all types of services. The courtesans are required to undergo the physical test regularly to make sure they do not suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Moving ahead, the counties where the population is below 700,000, the practice of legal sex work is allowed only there. That means the counties like Las Vegas where the population is above 700,000, and which is highly visited by the tourists, offering sexual services is illegal. Other counties where the practice of legal sex work is strictly prohibited are Eureka County, Douglas County, and Pershing County.

2. The background check: To make sure that the brothel operators are not involved in any of the criminal activities, a detailed background check-up is conducted by the local authorities to know the exact source of their income. Doing this helps in controlling crimes like money laundering or the use of illegal funds for the operation of such business. Once the local authorities of the respective county where the practice of legal sex work exists are satisfied with the background check, the brothel house is granted the certificate for offering its services.

3. Following health regulations are mandatory: As mentioned above the sex workers must undergo the medical check on the monthly basis and get tested for the diseases like HIV/ syphilis, and different types of sexually transmitted diseases. It is mandatory for the courtesans and other sex-workers to present their medical report to the state officials of the Nevada State that they do not suffer from any of the sexually transmitted diseases, in the absence of this certificate they will not be able to work as a legal courtesan in any of the legal brothels in their county.

4. The profession of Escort is legal in Las Vegas: It would be interesting to know that the practice of legal sex work is illegal in Las Vegas, but working as an Escort in Las Vegas is legal. The main job or duty of a legal escort is to accompany someone during a public or private meeting. The escorts are, however, not allowed to promote or offer any type of sexual services to their clients. In case, if they are found doing so, then both the escort and the person using that service will be punished according to the state rules.

Summing-up: Although the practice of legal sex work in few of the counties of Nevada state helps in protecting both the sex-workers and their clients from being affecting by the sexually transmitted diseases and different type of legal actions against them for the illegal use of these services. There are exceptions when these laws affect the interests of different segments. The sex workers are considered as a legal sex worker only when their services are hired by any of the registered brothels, other despite having the certificate from the state they cannot offer their services to their clients without working in a brothel house.

Moving ahead the charges for undergoing the medical test and applying for the registration could be expensive for the weaker sections, due to which they don’t have any other option except for working as an illegal sex worker in a dangerous situation. Keeping all these factors in concern the human rights organization is forcing the state to decriminalize all types of sex works in the interests of both the sex-workers and their clients.

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