When you question Americans about whether they prefer old homes or new builds, almost twice as many would choose to get a new build. But new builds are expensive so many homebuyers end up choosing pre-owner homes as that is what they can afford. But there is more to the choice than the initial purchase price. Here is a look at some very good reasons why you might want to hire a new home builder in LBI or where you are.


Better value in the long term with a new build

A property newly built will on average cost around 15 to 30 percent more than an older buy. Factors like location and size obviously play their part. The reason for this is the cost of hiring home builders, the delays that are common in such projects, and the fact that often additional costs occur. Material costs can fluctuate too, and a person building their own home is likely to want better quality materials than in an older home. But in the long term, your property will sell for more than an older one when or if it comes to selling, because it is a lot newer and more people are looking for modern homes that do not require a lot of renovation to them.


Much more choice and customization possible

When you buy a house already built you tend to compromise or settle in terms of layout, features and such. Or prepare to make changes. With a new build, you plan it out to the last detail so that everything is to your preference. Modern features, upgraded kitchen, everything down to the last handle on the doors is your choice. It is probable you will not need to undertake any renovations for a number of years when you choose to hire a new home builder in LBI.


Less need for repairs, re-decoration and renovation!

Most people do not keep a home as they bought it, especially older homes. When you consider how many repairs are needed, how much updating might be needed, all the redecorating that is involved, it might be that just choosing to invest in a newly built home works out for the best anyway. In properties that are 25 years or older, you also will have to consider whether the electrical system needs modernizing so it can handle all your appliances and whether the plumbing needs replacing and so on. If you are looking for HVAC and modern systems you can have all that with a home builder in LBI.


New houses come with warranties that protect you

When a home is newly built you the owner often has some protection from the new home builder in LBI in terms of warranties on products, and to protect against builder errors. For example, some might agree to handle any repair work required within a year of completion. Roofs sometimes come with a decade of coverage. That is not the case with older builds.

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