It’s a trend among many affiliates these days to write articles as part of their web promotion methods. Submitting articles to free article directories can give a lot of exposure to one’s online business. Thru these articles, affiliate marketers can get their site’s link exposed to as many internet users as possible. Whenever people would read the articles in these directories, they can be directed to the affiliate’s page in case they are interested with the product or the service. To further give an innovative appeal to article marketing, online marketers now have a new way to promote online business thru video article marketing.

The contents of a written article are modified to become a suitable material for a video presentation. Instead of just reading written articles posted on the net, your prospective customers will view your video articles instead. These videos are usually submitted to popular video sharing sites. These sites such as YouTube are a big hit nowadays and a perfect ground for video article marketing. For this reason, many online marketers who are into this type of web promotion are also signing up in these sites. They now have the opportunity to create and post videos as a form of advertising their online business at absolutely no cost.

You can generate traffic for your website by taking advantage of the media mileage you can get when you make video advertisements on the net. By having your web site’s link included on your posts, you will be able to better promote your sales page. If you are able to produce interesting and catchy videos, you can capture your target customers’ attention all the more. It is important that as an affiliate marketer, you also get to learn about video article marketing. This marketing method can further improve your selling techniques apart from the traditional ways of promoting a product on the internet.

If you are interested in knowing the basics of doing video article marketing, you may start by choosing from your list of articles and record your voice as you read it. Basic recording equipment such as an audio recorder and a microphone will be needed at this point. After you have recorded an audio version of your article, you must make bullet points in text and sync it with the audio version. Then, you can sync the audio recording with the text thru Windows Movie Maker and save it as an .avi file. Then, you have just made your first video article.

Once your output is good enough for public consumption, then you may upload it to a video sharing site and see how it can draw traffic to your site. There are video article tools that can help you produce the videos that you want at a faster rate. This can be your option if you don’t want to do things manually. Aside from it’s a big time saver, you could also come up with professional-looking outputs for your web page. The more videos you can make, the more you will also increase your business’ visibility in popular media sites.

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