What will it take to get you to take massive action towards your goals, dreams and desires?

On a recent call with a mentor of mine, I asked him; If you could put the thousands of men that you have worked throughout your career in one room, what would be the number one challenge these men have in common?

He said, "Oh that's an easy one...Follow Through!"

He went on to elaborate that men are great starters but very poor finishers.

Does this resonate with you?

It's getting worse too! Women are kicking our butts in MLM, home based businesses and entrepreneurial type endeavors. The only place where men are ahead of women is in the corporate structure. However, this too is breaking down.

Why are men loosing their drive and sense of purpose? What's going on?

Mediocrity and complacency seems to be replacing focus, passion and ambition.

We could go into the whole "War on Testosterone" but that's for another Newsletter. Today it is about your "Why". Men are loosing their drive because their "Why" is not big enough.

In today's Man Scape (no, not down there) we have to kick it up more than ever before in order for those inspired ideas turn to massive action. Because guys...today that's what it takes. Massive action toward something bigger than who you are today.

As a Remarkable Man, you owe it to yourself and those you care about to dig in to this big, grandiose and epic vision for your life. If you do not want it bad enough you will never follow through on it!

The Universe, God, spirit, your higher self...what ever you choose to reach out to when you are at your wits end, can't even see you on the radar screen when it comes to helping you. Sadly, synchronicity is lost on the mediocre as they hope and pray for things to change but do little to align themselves with the true vibrational energy of their dreams.

Gentlemen (and ladies), The Remarkable Man in you is calling for you to be something bigger than who you are now. It's the only way you can walk in to your future self. See yourself as The Remarkable Man you want to be...see him in every detail. How is he talking? How does he move? Who does he associate with? What does he do for fun? How does he conduct himself as a leader? What did he have to do to get there?

See this image in your mind every waking moment. Use language and self talk that is in alignment with this image and block out the rest!
Most importantly...Follow Through! Do not let your dream be a "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" scenario. You are bigger than that!

We are here for you and will hold you to a higher standard...a standard to be bold, be brave and be Remarkable!

Remember: You are not alone on the journey brother...we've got your back!

Author's Bio: 

Dwayne H. Klassen - Certified Professional Trainer
Men's Mojo And Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker
Dwayne Klassen is the bold new face for men and relationship empowerment. He is a transformational speaker, certified trainer, writer, and entrepreneur with a passion for communication, ancient wisdom, leadership, men's issues, human potential, and challenging men to step up and be Remarkable in their lives.

Dwayne's storied background of both great success and epic challenges, are timely life lessons that prove - that no matter how hard life can get, you can make a difference and win.

Dwayne is the author of his soon to be released book, "The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women,Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other". Dwayne has one of the most profound coaching programs for men and relatiosnhips. The Remarkable Man Coaching Program. He is "The Mojo Coach". www.DwayneKlassen.com.

He also the Founder and Creator of The Remarkable Man Project - soon to be the largest and most successful men's leadership and empowerment network in the world. www.RemarkableManProject.com

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