From the time we were born we were "programmed" to depend on others and reasonably so. Whether we are having good times or bad times most of us turn to family and friends for support, guidance and even comfort. We want and sometimes feel the need to share every part of our lives with someone else regardless of the effect it has on them. If no one is around and we are left standing alone it could very possibly cause feelings of anxiety, irritation, frustration and in worse case scenarios, anger.

Over the last couple of days, I have been feeling "out of sorts" more so than I have in the last few months. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what has been "wrong" with me. I have been short-tempered with those I love and irritated by almost everyone, even strangers! I was allowing anger and resentment to build up inside of me until I could not take it anymore. It wasn't until I had a mild emotional "moment" that I realized what the "problem" was. I was not "doing me". I was not taking care of myself. I was putting myself and my life on the back burner, something that I have not done in well over 5 years. Was someone asking me to do this? No, of course not, I was the only one to blame. I also realized during this GREAT moment of "enlightenment" that I had regressed back into old patterns of behavior when I would try to make everyone else happy even though they never asked me to. I suppose part of it comes from the fear of rejection. If I am who I think someone else wants me to be, I won't be rejected, but the truth is, I will be unhappy and that is what I have been, unhappy.

When I woke this morning after a restless night's sleep, I knew I needed an "attitude adjustment". I knew I needed to get back out there and just do me. To be who I AM, not who I THINK someone else wants me to be. To live the way I was living when I was completely happy. To be alone with myself and do the things that make ME feel good. I did not need anyone to share this day with. I did not need to have someone next to me every minute. All I needed was me!!! And oh what a wonderful feeling that is! I had forgotten how much I missed ME!!!

So when you are feeling a little out of sorts, take a moment to ask yourself if you are being true to yourself. If you are living YOUR life or someone else's. If you are doing the things YOU want to do even if you have to do them alone. If you are satisfied with the way your life is going. Keep in mind that you are not here to please or make anyone else happy. You are only responsible for yourself. You are here to make yourself happy and with that, those around you will be happy too (or they will just go away lol). Do not be someone you are not because you fear losing a friend or lover. Be who you were born to be. Be your heart's desire and remember ~ sometimes all you really need is you!

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Cindy is a Personal Development Life Coach. Her knowledge and expertise comes from 20 years of study, personal life experiences, and from working as a community volunteer and mentor. Cindy coaches people towards finding their own personal power through inner awareness; guiding them along their own unique path toward true happiness and life fulfillment. To learn more about Cindy go to Personal Blog go to