Sometimes, It's Hard!

Life is great, life is good, and in the words of Helen Keller, life is an adventure or nothing at all. And, sometimes, life is also hard. Why? Who knows? We hit the wall. We skim the skids. We get upset. We get angry, we get frustrated, things don't look like they're going the way we would like them to go, the list goes on, and on, and on. We do this! Great, again! Why? Because that's what we do sometimes. And even as hard as we try to be totally cool and New Agey, saying that "It's all good" because truth is, it is all good, that "all good" would also include those times when for whatever reasons we do it, we still make our lives hard for ourselves. Because, yes, we do do that. We do!

The key to our emotional power and our freedom to be our true selves, is to recognize that no matter how hard at any one time we make our lives, it's still a temporary condition. No truer words were ever written than that "This too shall pass." And for certain, this does mean everything eventually gets resolved, if not now, then certainly in the moment that we actually pass! I don’t know if that's good news or bad news, but it's certainly accurate news! The second key to our total freedom, is to at all times, tell the truth. Don't say that "It's all good" when there's a spear sticking out of your forehead and you need to see a doctor right away. Or if there's a nagging sliver in your finger, that just won't go away until you take it out. That's when, it's definitively not, all good. Overall, life may be good, even great most of the time, but there are those sticking points, and that's the point. Point is, that's all of life, and to focus on it being all good, is as insane and inaccurate as to say that it's all bad. No, life does not look like the evening news day by day by day, for most of us. Yes, sometimes it does look that bad, but truth is, really not that often at all. So life is mostly great, day by day, for most of us. Now that's good news, because it's accurate, and it's also something we can work to continually improve. Let's make life better! And let's do that by always simply telling the truth.

Truth is, we have it within us, to feel any way about our lives, and the circumstances we have attracted around us at any one moment in time. Truth is, the circumstances we have around us, are the circumstances we have around us, and no one and nothing is going to change what they were. So we might as well develop a relationship to our pasts, and even to our present moments, if they are upsetting to us, that works to foster our well being, and our success. For instance, if in the past we didn't have a lot of money and we lived a hard life, and in the present moment we still have some of that poverty mindset which is still attracting more poverty to us, then to tell the truth about that would be useful. There's the spear in the forehead, or the sliver in the hand, and there's the thing that we need to address. Now that we know the truth through speaking truthfully about it, we can then most efficiently pick out the means and methods that would support us in living a better life, in this case, a more abundant life. Have a poverty mindset? Great! Now you know what you have to work on, that is, if you desire to relieve the pain and suffering of being poor, and live a more abundant life.

One key ingredient to living that new life, is to stop arguing for the past, and start talking about the future; to tell a new story about our lives. What that looks like is to stop saying to everyone how poor you are, or how much you do not have, because what we focus upon manifests. If you continually focus on being poor, or having problems, then you will continue to attract more poverty and more problems, all the while screaming about how you don't like being poor, and you don't like having so many problems! Who knows why we do this, but we do, and it's a self-limiting, vicious circle of complain/see more evidence of what you are complaining about/complain some more, and then of course, attract more evidence. And it's not like you have to "fake it till you make it" either, because that would simply be lying. How about instead, saying to yourself that "Yes, this was my past," and "Yes, this is my present moment," and then take the further step in your new story, and also say "Yes, hey, I'm working on it, and it's getting better and better all the time!" The mantra I used to pick myself up out of my poverty mindset wasn't that "I was rich," because I wasn't, it was more like "Hey, I am getting richer and richer all the time, right here and right now." In this way, even if I picked up a penny off the ground, I was getting richer, because what part of a my new million dollars was that penny not a part of? Truth was, that one penny was part of all of it!

Money is just one easy thermometer to gauge how we are doing in the newly manifested department, because you can count up numbers one by one. See? There's another one. One more penny, one more dollar, and there you have it: clear evidence of your newly created success. But money isn't the only indicator of how we are doing with the "tell a new story" life we are beginning to create for ourselves. How about counting up each smile you see on every face you encounter today, that happened as a result of something you did or said? How about acknowledging yourself each time you get off it in relationship to a loved one, and out of that, your interactions with them improve? It's all the same, it's all part and parcel of the new life you are creating for yourself, a better and better life, which means in essence, a more enjoyable one. It's more enjoyable to have more money, it's more enjoyable to be surrounded by people who are smiling, and it's more enjoyable to get off it on a consistent basis. It's more enjoyable to us!

Point is, sometimes we just make life hard for ourselves by staying angry longer than we would like to. Or frustrated, or upset. We just do this. But that doesn't mean that we have to still do this tomorrow, or even later today, once we tell the truth about where we are at, and then in seeing the resistance (usually us!) start to get into what is our true and only power, and that would be to work on that which we put out there. If it's anger, and we're doing it, regardless of our good reasons for doing so, then we know what's next for us to let go of, if creating a better life for ourselves is what we desire to do. That "next for us" would be to do whatever it takes to get off it, and let go of our anger. Now the good news is twofold. One, if we are powerful enough to create anything, even anger, then we are at the same time equally powerful enough to create its opposite, and just as quickly as we put that anger there in the first place.

The second part of the good news, is that there's a zillion means and methods for supporting us in releasing our blocks to our good, so many, that all we have to do is throw out our mental anchor and hook onto one of them, and then follow through on what's recommended for us to do. The online seminar series that I do with people does exactly that. It provides the means, methods, processes, procedures, tools and technology, that work in the most efficient way possible for you to release your blocks to your own success, and to get off it. To be in the flow, as free from anger and upset as you can at any one time be, so that you can experience and live out, what it means to be your true self. That's when life is no longer so hard, not necessarily because circumstances have instantly shifted, or not, but because you have. Now if I could only follow this advice more of the time, I would then be floating over the ground, with wings on my back! Given that that's not always what I am doing in any one of my right nows, and I am also noticing that I do not have wings on my back, then maybe it's time to go back and do this whole "give it up, and let it go" process one more time, and stop making my life so momentarily hard for myself. And you know what? We all have to do this process, over and over again! Because that's what we have to do, because of what at times we do do. That's life! And that's also the good news, because if we know where the block is, and what it is, and then tell the truth about it, then we can clearly see what would work to most efficiently get it out of our way; tweezers or pliers as the method to apply in the removing of either the spear or the sliver. Oh, and no matter what we do to create our lives being either hard or enjoyable? Bad or good, it still is all good!

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TB Wright

About The Author
“Degrees and pieces of paper aside, the only real success we can ever have is in the creation of who we are, what we do, and what we manifest in every moment, from this moment on!” . . . TB Wright, Author/Inventor

Tom B. (TB) Wright overcame tremendous odds growing up in a life threatening environment overrun by racially charged violence in the 1960s. He now looks upon these early influences as the crucible that forged his will to continually rise above his circumstances and to overcome all obstacles he encountered throughout the course of his journey in search of a better life.

A student of Ancient Toltec Wisdom, Ernest Holmes work, and the marital arts, Mr. Wright is a respected Science of Mind licensed practitioner and seventh degree black belt. Before creating The One Penny Millionaire!™ transformational seminar, he enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a practical personal growth trainer, professional communicator and writer. Early in his career, TB Wright was a professor of English and he served as a communications aide to two U.S. Presidents. For the latter, he was awarded a Presidential Service Citation.

To date, Mr. Wright’s professional accomplishments also include:

§ Licensed Practitioner, Science of Mind
§ Executive Director and coursework creator for The Mastery Project, conducted with prison inmates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Texas
§ Licensed Avatar© Master, Worldwide Transformational Seminar Series
§ Guest Seminar Leader, Landmark Educational Corporation
§ Staff member, The Six Day Intensive, Life-altering courses, in New York and San Francisco
§ Co-Founder and President Of The Board, Katuah Sudbury School.
§ Participant, (By Invitation Only) Forum Leader Program, in recognition of transformational skills
§ Practitioner ancient Toltec wisdom.

In addition to his work as a practical personal growth trainer, T. B. Wright is an author, business owner, inventor and philanthropist. Mr. Wright has published a series of personal growth-oriented books, including Acronyming Power, Acronyming Power II, and Be BAD! Do Good. (St. Pauls Press/India international sales) He was also nominated for The Pushcart Prize in poetry. He founded The Wright Builders, Inc., and co-founded the Katuah Sudbury School for Children in Asheville, North Carolina.