Demonstrating desire in the 1950s meant buying flowers, writing love notes and plying a partner with chocolate, or maybe wine. Times have changed, though, and many men take a more direct route in terms of announcing their intentions, such as sending a racy text message with a perfectly positioned penis at the center. The saucy selfie is just part of modern dating, and sometimes, pulling off that perfect photo is tough. Flakes of dry skin, misplaced wrinkles, and a red penis can pain a less-than-appealing picture. Thankfully, achieving a healthy penis is easy with some simple self-care techniques, paired with some innovative products.

Rough and Tough

Callused hands and worn feet show that a man works hard and isn't afraid of a little pain. The same sort of tissue on the penis, on the other hand, can conjure up visions of furtive masturbation sessions or dry sex. It's not the sort of skin anyone would love to touch, and it's not likely to win a man a legion of fans.

Scrubbing and scraping tends to make rough skin worse, as the tissues don't tend to break loose easily. Harsh techniques can even make skin red and sore-looking, and that's the sort of damage that will shine right through in a photograph. Instead, it's best to apply an emollient lotion that can break through rough skin and penetrate to newer tissues growing below. Products like this can allow dead cells to break free in soft, gentle sheets that aren't red or painful, allowing the newer skin to push to the top.

Wrinkled and Grey

Penile cells can turn over remarkably slowly, and as those surface cells age, they can grow stiff and discolored. In time, a man's package can seem dusty with disuse, and the stiff skin can double up and wrinkle in a spectacularly unsightly fashion. Dull skin like this can even make the penis look smaller than it actually is, robbing a man of the impressive appearance he hoped to project.

Promoting Attractive Penile Skin

Combatting aging skin means enlisting the assistance of certain vitamins and minerals. These are the substances healing skin needs in order to really up its game and turn over quickly and effectively. A multi-vitamin can provide some of these valuable components, but a little pill taken by mouth has a long way to travel before hitting penile cells in need. Some vitamins might be diverted to other parts of the body during the journey, while some minerals might be placed into the elimination line before they've even had a chance to do any work at all.

Penis health cremes are different, as these products contain a mix of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for intimate skin. Since the nutrition is applied topically, bathing starving cells in nutrition, there's no risk of losing ingredients to other cells. It's just the best way to ensure that real healing can take hold.

Making it Work

Products like this are sophisticated, and they're designed to work quickly, but they do require a bit of finesse. For example, the softening agents and vitamins tend to work best when they're applied to skin that's somewhat moist. Pores in tissues like this are open wide, ready to receive anything that comes in their direction, and rough cells are softened and soothed when they're somewhat wet. For these reasons, a penis health creme should be applied right after a bath or shower.

In addition, a man should attend to basic penis health care routines as he prepares for his photo, including:

  • Wearing breathable clothes
  • Using lubricant for intimate activities
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Strapping on protective gear before sporting events

By following these steps, and using a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), men can be ready for the flash of a camera in no time at all.

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