When you have a highly demanding job, having leisure time to relax. That’s a very important thing in the middle of tough competition and stress from work. There are different ways to spend leisure time and relax but one of the most popular ones is listening to music. It is easy to admit that listening to the right music can help us to change our mood. If you want to relieve stress and get relax, what you need is a soothing and relaxing music. Ukulele music is surprisingly an ideal choice to listen when someone wants to relax.

I believe we all familiar with the musical instrument of Ukulele, at least for its notably physical appearance and also its quite funny name. Ukulele is a dwarf version of a guitar. A string instrument that pretty much like guitar beside it only has four instead of five strings. This instrument has a distinctive sound, usually associated with a mellow sound. Despite its small size and small sound, Ukulele is widely used in various musical genres from folk, pop, jazz, and even rock music.

How ukulele music helps us to relax? It comes from the sound of ukulele associated with mellow sounds. No wonder ukulele is mostly used in soothing and mellow music or songs. Ukulele sound is also associated with happiness as it is widely used on folk dancing music. There are many songs and music that uses ukulele notably have relaxing effects. Listening to ukulele music will make our mind think like we are lying on the beach sipping a margarita and enjoy the warm sun and breeze of wind from the ocean.

But Ukulele is much more than beach music. We can easily find so many songs and music from different genres associated with Ukulele. The highly popular Jason Mraz single “I’m Yours” to the legendary The Beatles’ record “Let It Be”, to more rhythmic and dynamic “Soul Sister” from Train. All are known to utilize the unique sound of the ukulele.

There are so many other relaxing ukulele music we can find. One good recommendation for a very relaxing playlist of ukulele music can be found on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7j3Hiovh3c. Anytime in a stressful situation and you need to take a five-minute break, listen to a few songs and you will feel the tension is down. The playlist is also a good choice when you are someone who works better while listening to the right music. Those songs will make you easier to concentrate when keeping in a relaxing atmosphere.

Therapeutic effects of ukulele music have been widely recognized. This type of music is mostly played in the waiting room, on public space, or another place where people need to feel free and relaxed. Of course, we can’t deny that everybody has a different preference when it comes to a favorite type of music. However, ukulele music works to most people when it comes to giving soothing and relaxing effects. Try to listen to ukulele music from the playlist given above or from other sources and feel its effect.

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