Sore throat is a common condition which many of us have faced a lot of times in our lives. How many times is it that we thing of taking a leave from school, college, or work so that we can tend to our illness. This is because a sore throat might not be a serious problem but it is definitely very troublesome and irritating and causes a lot of discomfort within a short span of time. It is even more irritating when it is accompanied by common cold or other similar sickness. A sore throat is characterized by a constant itchiness in the throat with pain which increases as the infection soars. In case of a running nose, things get even more unmanageable.

The worst part is that the antibiotics don’t have any positive effect on the majority of cases, because the commonest cause of a sore throat is viral infection which also causes flu and antibiotics cannot kill viruses as they are antibacterial. Bacteria also cause sore throat but in a few cases only though taking them might help some people. But mostly, it is our immune system only which can fight sore throat if one resorts to a good rest. However, that may take time but one can always opt for sore throat remedies at home which are much better than antibiotics and can provide instant relief without any adverse effects. Moreover, most sore
throat remedies are very easy to prepare and use.

One of the most widely known and effective sore throat remedies is that of salt water gargle which is made easily by adding about half a teaspoon of table salt to a cup of lukewarm water and gargle it. Salt water is an effective antimicrobial and rinses microbes and cleanses the throat and one can add pepper also to further intensify the effect.

An equally good sore throat remedy is using ginger honey syrup which can be prepared by adding a spoon of crushed ginger to an equal amount of honey and then sipping it as such or with some warm water. It is one of the most effective remedies which provides pain relief and kills the toxins that are responsible for the primary symptoms.

One can also use lemon tea as it is very good in soothing the throat. All you need to do is put the juice of half a lemon into hot water and this can be supplemented with ginger, honey etc for increased effectiveness as it can kill microbes and reduce pain also.

So if you are suffering from a sore throat and want you ordeals to end, then you can use any of these natural sore throat remedies at home for instant relief.

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