I never knew how stern backbiting could be and how sinful it is actually, until I gave it a genuine thought. If I start counting how many times I have been a back bird or even engaged with those who have spent countless hours just gossiping for no reason. It would be like counting stars in the sky . We all are humans and mistakes are our friends. They come and go . We never realize. For many, gossip is just a way to spend their time whenever they are bored. However, after so much of consideration and wondering that what are we getting out of it? I personally feel that this is a burning issue that needs serious redressal.

Today, people are eating people like anything. Many think that they have become super rich today after gaining all the materialistic comforts of life. And if this wasn't enough they have become super powerful as they possess an inexpensive tool”gossip” that they can use anytime to slander anyone. By stealing another person's dignity, honest reputation and credibility , they have forgotten their boundaries. Nowadays, “gossip” or “backbiting” is an essential supplement or I would name it is a “Sweet Dish” sans which the food is incomplete. We need it as a daily dose. Moreover, we are so much attuned to talking back that “a day spent without gossip is not a day well spent”. Is that so?

Are we so much addicted to this? Have we ever tried to sought out what will it pay-off in life?It is a strange paradox that we often sermonize about life being competitive, fast paced. Being braggadacio of having to lack time for our family/relationships, but see in a day how much time we can afford to make fun of others or be a back mosquito. People just do not understand or learn how grievous it can be at times. Backbiting is like an acid , that when once thrown on someone, the scars are unlikely to fade away throughout your life. It is equally broiling for one who is engaged in throwing that acid . In other words”The listener is one of the two backbiters”.

Unfortunately, today we are thriving in a world, where distress, turmoils and quarrels have been the center of attraction. How people can take out time for talking behind someone's back is really disheartening. The world would be an altogether a different place , rather a paradise , if we ever spent just few hours thinking about this wholeheartedly. Instead of talking about people in their absence, if we could talk to them in their presence, myriad of discords in life could be solved in a glimpse of an eye. After all it requires guts! Isn't it?

Remember: Backstabbing someone is even more dangerous than snake biting. As a poison from a snake could be taken out if one is cautious. But ever wondered what about the poison that we omit through our malicious talking? Can we search for a doctor for the amendment? Just think about it.

Don't we feel the urge to shun away all our misunderstandings, strengthen our family bond and lost relations so that we could act as a mentor for our emergence of new breed? Atleast I would love to refrain from this habit of defaming people . Friends! I believe that God (The Almighty) has bestowed us with this valuable treasure of life “Tongue” : That has the power to hypnotize the world when cushioned with love and care . So let's be audacious enough not to associate with this calumny anymore. Would you like to “wine -and -dine” on the beef of your dead brother? That is what exactly we have been doing all these years. However, it's never to late to do the right thing. If we learn that our Karma is what defines us and we should not simply destroy it by depleting our precious time in gossiping anymore. It would be wise enough to utilize our “tongue” “and mind” cleansing our sins thereby toning and firming up our relations that have been lost in our doldrums and is the call of the hour.

Time to wear our Thinking cap!

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I am a passionate writer and a self motivator. I like to spread happiness all around and create awareness through my blogs.