When we are better equipped to recognise the traps set by our own ego, we can consider how exposing these traps can lead us further on the path to an awareness of our true identity in the world. We all have the power to adjust our life path if we wish to. We just need to become aware of the route we are unconsciously pursuing in order to clarify or change direction.

Over the years I have come across numerous people who believe that they are here to save the world or to provide some sort of superior healing service that is beyond the comprehension of what already is.

It is important to be careful of ‘spiritual snobbery’. There is a period of time in a person’s spiritual journey when they begin to accelerate their progress. The acceleration often takes the person into euphoria. This is all part of spiritual development. It is important during this time to master an ability to be non-judgemental towards the level of development of others around you.

Spirituality will always be the master and you the servant. The ostentatious attitude will calm but the increase in perception will stay. Psychic skills will increase tenfold and your ability to ‘look’ easily into the perceptions of others will amaze you.

Opportunities to challenge your core beliefs will abound; slowly but surely, fear in all areas of your life will begin to dissolve. The things that bothered you previously will melt away to be replaced with a general sense of calm. Does that all sound too good to be true? It is true but it takes work plus a willingness to give up old ways of thinking; in other words, to tackle such things as giving out too much; living through family and friends; excessive worry; thinking you’re stupid; guilt; being over nice; perfectionism – the list goes on. When we’re steeped in our own dilemmas it is impossible to see clearly.

The quickest route to increasing your vibration and accelerating your growth is the path of self love. This does not mean standing in front of a mirror telling yourself how lovely you are. Self love means that we honour who we are, accepting that the way we are right now is exactly where we are supposed to be. If you take a moment to say, “I accept the way things are right in this moment”, you will notice a tremendous peace comes about you.

By being self-sufficient you are taking care of yourself. It works towards affirming that you are loved and that you are comfortable with taking care of your own emotional needs without relying on others for your happiness. It is as important to your development as meditating. You are here to learn to be fully present and aware of what is happening around you, adding more clarity, harmony and light in all that you do.

Ultimately, spirituality can be described as the journey to discover and become yourself, in the process finding what you are good at and what you enjoy. That’s your contribution. It is not about saving the world.

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