What is a a soul mate? Have you found your soul mate? Many of us go through life wondering these and many other questions regarding soul mates. Few of us ever find the true answers.

A soul mate is someone that you feel an instant spiritual bond with. He or she can come in the form of a friend, lover, spouse, or family member. And because of that, you will come across more than one in your lifetime.

Finding a soul mate in the form of a lover or spouse can be the most difficult attainment in life for many people. In order to find your soul mate, you must not look for one. You must also be somewhat happy and at peace with your own soul as well. This comes through learning to honor and cherish your own soul as well as opening your heart to other souls.

In order to know whether the person in your life is your true soul mate, you must ask yourself a lot of questions regarding the depth and character of your relationship. Going through life searching and wandering for your significant other will never accomplish the desired goal, yet only leave you feeling more discouraged and disgusted than ever.

The feelings that come about when you are in love are the most powerful and unexplainable emotions in humanity. They can perplex the most practical mind and stupefy the most intellectual one. You cannot always comprehend the feelings involved, but you can embrace them and hold them to be a reason why you believe that you have found your soul mate.

When you learn how to love and embrace a healthy loving relationship, you can safely say that you have found a spiritual soul bond. But is that "significant other" your true soul mate?

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