For years, I meditated, prayed, imagined, and even had vivid dreams of meeting my soul mate. I never knew what a twin flame was until I did research for a book I was writing, but had also hoped my soul mate would be my twin flame also.

Although my true love was somewhat of a blur in other details, the look in his eyes, his face, and his overall demeanor was very clear, as he was the exact same as my distinct apparitions of him.

That said, when I first saw his photo online, I immediately knew he was my twin flame. A burst of warmth and energy passed through my body like lightning and solar flames. And faster than a beam of light, we swiftly married and made a family together.

From the day we first met, we had strong clues that told our story, from calling or texting each other at the same time, knowing and even sometimes feeling each other’s thoughts, to seeing quotes and other messages throughout our day that pointed directly to our relationship and why we were destined to be together.

He is a Cancer, I am a Leo. I am the Sun and he is the Moon. Our opposites both in astrology and personality are so strong that we are extremely attracted to each other and, in spite of the sometimes turbulent yet sometimes immensely intense loving energy between us, we manage to always rise like a phoenix, stronger, wiser, better, and even more in love.

Our Sun and Moon was indeed blessed with a Star, when we conceived our child rather quickly around the time of our marriage. Our son has the same bright eyes and intense charm of his parents, but truly with a shining personality of his very own.

The days we are in perfect harmony, I feel deeply at peace. The days we develop turmoil, we cannot rest until we are back in our loving calm. I cannot explain the physical, emotional, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual connection, but with my twin flame, it is on all levels and our son is a product of that intense connection.

In the relatively short time that we have known each other, I feel like we have known each other forever. We've each been through totally separate near death experiences, recovered through each other’s loving support, fought and struggled with other outside challenges, lost almost everything and came back with a victorious vengeance. We've made new connections, lost many more, but nevertheless, continue to see signs that our world in just that...our own unique, intense, magically bright world, that always tells us that we will always be together, forever, through it all.

Don't ever stop searching and wishing for the love of your life. Do not allow negative energy from others or the results of other circumstances to deter you from reaching your ultimate celestial and spiritual soul connection.

Stay on your path and once you do meet your true love, never allow anything to break you apart, ever.

Love is energy, love is light, love is endless, love is magical, love is powerful, love is forever, love is all.


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GODDESSY, a portmanteau of "goddess" and "odyssey", was founded in October 1999 by Playboy Centerfold, spokesmodel and author Stephanie Adams, who originally wrote under the pen name "Sorceress". Adams is currently the author of two dozen metaphysical books, astrology calendars and tarot cards, in addition to having been the astrologist and contributing editor for 10 publications as well as a renowned psychic and tarot card reader. Adams is a Leo, born July 24, 1970, raised in New York City, and is an interracial mix of Black, White and American Indian. According to her Playboy pictorial, Adams is the direct descendant of two U.S. presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, later discovering that her lineage also traces back to the House of Plantagenet, Charlemagne, and Merovingian Dynasty. Adams has been featured in and on numerous magazine covers as well as various newspapers such as New York Post, Daily News, Newsday, etc. as well as TV channels 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5 (FOX), 7 (ABC), 9 (WOR) 11 (WPIX), NY 1 News, CNN, etc. and other media such as Entertainment Tonight, The Late Show With David Letterman, Playboy TV, etc. Aside from her active modeling and writing career, Adams decided to dedicate most of her time investing in Fortune 500 companies, enabling her to become a self-made millionaire before the age of 30. Now Adams has decided to dedicate most of her time towards philanthropy, and developing as much of a private life as she can possibly have. Complete book, press information and photos can be found by visiting and