Even well into our lives many people ask, “What am I here for? What is the purpose of my life?” The follow paragraphs were channeled long ago and are part of my upcoming book Walking With Jesus; Lessons Along the Pathway.

“As you continue on in years you arrive at a place where you return back to your youth. You are, again, open to the world’s possibilities, unfettered by the restrictions of the community and yourself. You have lived the life that you felt was the correct one. You trust, now, that you have experienced what you needed to in order to make your life successful. It is now time to take a second look at who you truly are, what you have achieved in your past, and what you want to complete in the future. Putting aside all thoughts of monetary gain, look into your future. If there were no encumbrances, what would you do to feel fulfilled? What would make your heart sing? THIS is why you are here, on earth, at this exact time.

Many people need your gift. And believe me when I say that the answer to those questions point you in the direction of your soul career. This is what you do when you’re home, in the world of spirit. This is what you were created for. This is your unique contribution to the universe. And to ignore your truth, is blasphemy, and going against whom you truly are.”

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Rev. Lisa Bousson, ordained minister, psychic medium, author, instructor and lecturer, shares her in-sight in regard to spiritual growth, enlightenment, and psychic development. As a non-denominational Christian minister, Rev. Bousson thinks outside of the box when discussing Jesus, life lessons, universal laws and the bible. Her empowering messages will help you find comfort - even in times of tragedy.