All week long I saved the leftovers for the Friday night soup we just ate and enjoyed. I saved money by keeping the two sausages we did not eat a couple days ago, the left over squash, and about ten mushrooms that had not been cooked yet. When I combined these all with the lentil soup I defrosted, and cooked it all up, we had a great soup and there is enough for lunch tomorrow. I felt happy making this soup, but was it because I was saving money? The amount of money I saved could not account for the happiness I felt as I stirred the soup. So what goes here?

Perhaps my inner happiness comes from knowing that I am using resources wisely. It is not just about saving money, but having respect for what we have and using it, rather than letting good food go to waste. And if we think about the concept of using resources wisely, we can apply that concept to just about everything important in our lives. We can ask ourselves, how do I use the time I have with my family? Am I creating the best environment possible for good relationships? How am I using my time at work? Am I working to the highest standard that I can?

Good questions to ponder?

Author and Psychic Medium Carole Lynne

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