There are many ways that we can improve our lives, all being touted in mainstream news. We can eat right and exercise. We can spend time with friends and laugh at a few good jokes. We can even spend time in nature to boost our moods, but did you know that above all else, the sounds we listen to are one of the most important indicators of our experience of the world?

The universality of music is accepted by everyone, and we can feel its effects when we listen to our MP3 players driving to work or sitting in our rooms at night with a great artist playing our favorite tune as a backdrop to a relaxing evening. We’ve experienced a great party where the DJ plays all our favorite music, and that extra “je ne sais quoi’ comes from his great playlist, but did you know, that ancient mystics from many different cultures and religious backgrounds used music to heal? Sound is so profound, that it can change your molecular structure and even your DNA.

In fact, recent research from Russia has proven that DNA is affected by specific sound frequencies. It can be damaged or improved based on certain sounds.

In other research, Dr. Matsamoto has shown that sound profoundly affects water molecules and he has taken pictures of them to show what happens to water when it is exposed to words like ‘love’ and ‘thankfulness,’ when it is exposed to classical music like ‘Blue Danube,’ and more raucous music like Heavy Metal. The images tell an incredible story of what sound does to the material world. It is no wonder that the ancients repeatedly told us that, “word created the Universe.”

Even the earth has its own resonance, which scientists believe is changing as we shift into a different place in the universe, but that holds a steady vibration just as all the planets do. It is called the Schumann resonance. The earth’s electromagnetic field, also known as its extremely low frequency (ELF) emits a certain ‘note’ into the electromagnetic field. Our bodies do the same thing when they are functioning correctly. When our bodies and minds are out of ‘tune’ with our most ideal frequency or electromagnetic vibration, we feel sick, depressed and anxious. This is not our natural state, though some of us have experienced these symptoms for so long, we’ve started to believe that they are normal. The scientist, Otto Schumann figured out the earth’s perfect frequency (around 7.86 hz) in 1952, but ancient sages and yogis from millennia ago new that the earth vibrated to her own best frequency, and that we do also. In fact, each of our chakras – which are like little spinning universes of energy inside our own bodies, has their own best frequency, and like listening to your favorite music on your ipod, you can align your emotions with happiness, or health and prosperity, since these, too, have their own vibration, or sound.

There are other great articles on that talk about chakra healing through sound, and has some wonderful recordings on Amazon that you can find that help to reset your chakras, and your body to their most perfect frequencies, if you have ‘tuned in’ to a station you don’t want to be listening to, (i.e. ill health, sadness, frustration, etc.) Along with spending time in nature (which naturally resets these vibrations), eating organic fruits and vegetables and utilizing things like herbs and flower essences, you can experience true, vibrant health so that your signal is one of wholeness and joy.

Author's Bio: 

Christina Sarich is a yoga and meditation teacher and owner of Yoga for the New World Christina Sarich