What is brainwave entrainment?

Brainwave entrainment is the practice of aligning the mind’s wavelengths to a specific frequency, most often for medical or healing benefits. Hints of the use of brainwave entrainment can be found all throughout history, dating as far back as shamanic rituals in traditional indigenous cultures and the time of Christ. 

Since the mid-1900s, brainwave entrainment has been explored by scientists and healers alike. After numerous “miracles cases” and a slew of positive feedback, brainwave entrainment has entered the mainstream healing culture as one of the most innovative methods of restoring mind-body balance and releasing various blockages in a person’s life.

Why does it work?

Brain entrainment is possible because of the mind’s unique nature. At any given moment the mind operates at a certain EEG (electroencephalographic) frequency. The EEG frequency of our mind changes throughout the day, increasing when we’re active and motivated and slowing down when we sleep and dream. Because of the mind’s malleable character though, its frequency can be shifted in the presence of another frequency. 

In terms of evolution, we humans were thousands of years ago directly embedded in fluctuating ecosystems with various tempos and rhythms. Natural sounds enveloped us, and we can only speculate now as to what sounds humans listened to throughout different times of the day. Imagine the energization one might feel waking up to the chattering of birds and the aggressive plinking of a woodpecker’s bill against a tree. These natural occurrences could very well explain why our minds respond to these patterns

How does it work?

Brainwave entrainment works by a process known as “frequency following.” The mind responds to another leading frequency and begins to match that frequency itself. For example, if someone is struggling to fall asleep, their brainwaves are likely moving at an increased frequency. If they’re presented with another slower frequency, usually in the form of sound or other deep vibrations, their mind begins to slow its own frequency down to match that frequency. 

In a typical session, participants either surround themselves with a number of speakers or wear sound-muffling headphones. This isolation offers them the total environment in which their mind can begin its “frequency following.” Once the mind has bonded with the leading frequency, it can be taken to places of deep calming and healing.

Benefits on the mind, body & emotions

People who have tried brainwave entrainment for the first time often report being overrun with a sense of comfort and relaxation. Like a mother overburdened with stress, the mind can grow tired of propping itself up. With brainwave entrainment, our minds can settle down and follow the frequency of another. Whatever energy or emotional blockages we might have stored throughout the past days, months, or years, can be loosened and allow to crumble, as our mind and body are brought back to their natural vitality.

Brainwave entrainment is also useful for jump starting or boosting a process of physical healing, which depends on the free flow of nutrients and energy throughout our body. The vibrations help clear our meridians of whatever might be blocking them, and thus allowing damaged areas to receive the help and assistance they so desperately need.

As more and more scientists are discovering, the entire universe is composed of vibrations. Brainwave entrainment is one of the most innovative ways of tapping into the power of vibration and using it for the betterment of our lives.

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Estaryia Venus is a visionary, sound healer, intuitive channel, sacred dance artist & vocalist,
yoga, dance, movement & meditation teacher and incorporates the science of sound & sacred geometry in her workshops & retreats, healing ceremonies & musical performances. She is the founding director of Earth Consciousness Institute & has produced a series of Sound Healing Frequency CD's. She leads vibrational healing workshops, Sound Healing Rejuvenation Retreats & Sacred Site tours world-wide,