It is no wonder that sound healing is becoming so popular in the last years, and is considered, more and more, as conventional treatment for many diseases. Sound healing, nowadays scientifically proven to work, has been used for centuries to encourage good health. Sometimes referred to as “Musical Medicine”, the practice was first used by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago to aid in recovery from illness and was also later adopted by Pythagoras and Hippocrates.

New innovative technology

Today high tech health companies such as Sound-Pharmacy has been developed new innovative technology to create incredibly precise instruments that allow the use of sound frequencies to target specific ailments and illnesses, therefore restoring the body’s

Creating the accurate healing sound for an illness

Each individual illness has its own specific characteristics and sound frequencies. Sound Therapy is, therefore, able to match a healing sound to a particular illness without the need to personally measure the frequencies of each user. (Knowing what your diagnosis is makes a huge difference to selecting the correct healing sound).

Affordable, Convenient and Extremely Effective.

With a price of around $15, and about 5 minutes use, twice a day, Sound therapy is also incredibly affordable and a simple, effective method in aiding healing with no side effects whatsoever. The restorative, balancing sounds can also be used at any time, in any place making this therapy an extremely convenient healing method.

Over 1,300 healing sounds

Sound Pharmacy, the market leader in sound therapy, actively promotes natural healing through the power of over 1,300 different curative sounds. all of which have been developed by leading experts in the field of alternative medicine and are based on leading frequency healing practices, sound healing research alongside with the conventional healing scientific facts. Each sound individually designed to heal specific illnesses.

A healthier lifestyle and wellbeing.

Additionally, healing sounds help you feel immense wellbeing. Through listening to sound healing therapy, one will actively promote a healthier lifestyle, physically, emotionally and mentally.
Reap the benefits of self-healing using sound. Healing using sound is extremely accessible and can be used as a complimentary or stand alone therapy

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