It has only been over the last year or so that I am beginning to understand just how powerful Sound is as healing force. As a stand-alone vibrational healing tool I feel it has been under-rated for too long.

Meditating and toning as a group in pristine Tasmanian rainforest in 2007 sent our vibrations soaring as we focused on toning into our own chakras one by one, starting from the base up to beyond the crown to the 12th chakra or cosmic gateway. Using the light code activation sound and colour mandalas of Soluntra King was an unforgettable experience in vibration raising at the huge power tree of the forest.

On the 2007 Spiritual Egypt Tour I was blessed to have attracted many highly talented vibrational healers skilled across a broad range of vibrational modalities. Our skills culminated together in the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid as each one of us did what we do best there. One diminutive lady had an extraordinary gift with channeling very powerful sounds she feels come from Sirius. The whole interior of the Great Pyramid, which we had to ourselves, reverberated with the intensity of this sound and at that point all of us were changed forever. For me, the experience was like having all my neural circuitry blown apart to be recallibrated at a higher vibration.

In 2008 my beautiful dog and best friend, Sophie, put up a long, brave fight against cancer, which she finally lost in August. The months leading up to her death had seen her in gradual decline, needing more and more nursing, with more and more time spent indoors. As a result the vibration of my home started to lower and at the point of Sophie’s death seemed to go into an energy void or numbness. As my home is also my workplace I needed to get its vibration and my own vibration quickly back to a level that was suitable for doing healing work with clients. At first I was just doing all the usual things - white candles constantly alight, aromatherapy oils to clear grief and be uplifting, airing the house out as much as possible, cleaning, salt lamps constantly on to absorb negativity and space clearing essence sprays. Then I became aware that the most powerful and quickest way of raising the vibration was through Sound and lots of it. Using the Tibetan singing bowl, I was clanging vigorously throughout the house. Interestingly, I seemed to intuitively follow particular rhythms in particular areas of the house. Those areas where Sophie had spent most time needed extremely loud and vigorous sounding of the Tibetan bowl to break up the stuck and blocked energy. Each day of the clearing procedure the rhythms were intuitively changing, as if this were all some part of a well-ordered sequence I had done many times before as an ancient priest/ess. My healing room developed a very sacred feel to it like an ancient temple. In addition I needed to have healing and uplifting music playing very loud for as many hours as possible, making even the floor vibrate. Thankfully the neighbours didn’t complain.

I have come to the conclusion that healing Sound is probably the best way to clear an area or person and to raise the vibration.

Ohm (om, aum) is the sound of creation and its vibration purifies, stills and manifests. Ohm is a sacred healing sound and can be used to release energetic blockages held within the body. When sounded properly as the combination of aah, oh, mm, it stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. Ohm can also alter the vibration of matter, causing fine sand on a metal plate to fall into a geometrical pattern – amazingly the ancient Hebrew symbol for ohm. It is the sound traditionally chanted in Indian temples to clear the way for enlightenment. Even sounding it or any other healing sound out loudly in your mind will have beneficial effects. Other sounds like heavy metal music, sirens, fax tones, loud television, public transport, many commercials, building site power tools and heavy machinery all shatter our energy field leaving us feeling tired and stressed with compromised immune systems. Many urban dwellers are constantly subjected to shattering sound, or ‘noise pollution’. How good does it feel to escape the raucous sounds of the city and hear the gentle sounds of the birds and the bush, or the sounds of rolling waves?

Soothing relaxation music enhances your enjoyment of your self-healing or self-nurturing session. Although any quiet music can be used according to taste, Baroque music, such as Bach, Vivaldi or Handel, is particularly beneficial due to its unique harmonic structure. Most guided visualisation tapes use relaxing background music and can enhance the benefits of the self-treatment experience.

The scale of C major is perfectly linked to the 8 major chakras, starting with C for the base chakra, D for the sacral chakra, E for the solar plexus and so on up to C for the high crown chakra, located a few centimetres above the crown chakra. If you suspect a block in a chakra try playing/listening to the corresponding note repeatedly to help loosen the block. I have a set of 8 tuning forks corresponding to the C major scale and also the first 8 chakras, up to the high crown. It is an interesting exercise to activate the vibration of the tuning fork and then bring it down gently over the corresponding chakra until the person experiences a pleasant tingly vibration in that chakra.

Often the heart chakra contains stubborn energetic blockages that we unconsciously resist letting go of, often through fear of not being able to handle the underlying emotional hurt or sadness. At a Reiki workshop I was running on the second floor of a clinic a few years ago we were all practicing in pairs. By ‘coincidence’ everyone was working on the heart chakra when a crow flew into an electrical substation a few metres away and exploded loudly in a flash of light. Everyone’s heart chakra was shocked into releasing energetic blocks instantly! Maybe that’s why I also like to stand very close to the massive loud speakers at open air music events, as it gives all my chakras a really good clearing out!

A particularly powerful form of self-healing is to focus on the body discomfort held around a particular issue. On the inhale, deep breathe that discomfort up to the throat and then exhale it out fully with sound. Initially you might start breathing the discomfort out with a long, loud sigh or ‘ohm’. For those people who are too self-conscious to make a sound out loud or are not in a private enough space, it is still effective to just ‘yell’ the sound out in the mind. Ideally the sound that has been trapped in the area of discomfort will start to come out with the exhale. It can be any sound at all and maybe even trapped words, often the ‘not so nice’ ones. Make sure you open your throat chakra to allow the release, especially if you have not been used to speaking out.

Once the release of the blocked energy causing the body discomfort has been completed, the sound on the exhale will just naturally stop. Allow yourself to let the breathing return to normal. There may be several layers of an issue to be cleared, so check back to see if any body discomfort remains. If so, repeat the breathing/toning procedure. To complete the process, allow the void that has been created by releasing the trapped energy to be filled with whatever the body needs for healing, maybe love, peace, joy, or white light.

Clearings done with this breathing and toning technique tend to create rapid, powerful shifts in energy.

The haunting sound of Tibetan singing bowls vibrating can not only quickly clear your chakras, but sends you into a deep meditative state effortlessly. It is the quickest way I know for calming someone and bringing them into balance. Although it takes a bit of practice to get the bowl to ‘sing’, it is worth the effort. If you know of others with Tibetan singing bowls of different sizes, arrange a group gathering and experiment with the sound effects of different size bowls. You may like to lay the bowls on a person’s different chakras and then play them intuitively and then reverse roles and experience this for yourself. I often clear my own energy in between clients by placing the Tibetan bowl on my head, striking it and just letting the vibrations shower down through my body.

I use the Tibetan bowl as the quickest and most effective way to clear my healing space in between clients, as well as for clearing the accumulated client ‘dross’ from my healing room crystals. I also use the Tibetan cymbals for this purpose, but I find their vibration is more refined and needs a little longer to clear the energy.

Exercise: Toning into Chakras in a Group
Get a volunteer who would like her chakras to be balanced. Hold the intention to rebalance the chakras for the highest good. You may also like to ask that the angels of healing work through your voices. All take in a breath and tone towards the volunteer. Allow whatever sound wants to come out just to flow without judgment. It is likely the group will subconsciously combine the toning into a harmonious whole. Mentally direct the sound to her crown chakra. When you have finished, direct the sound to the third eye, then the throat, completing the toning into each chakra before moving onto the next. Tone into the front of the chakras to the base and then up the back chakras. Discuss the experience.

Exercise: 20-Minute Ohm
If you can do this with a Group the effect is even more powerful. Chanting Ohm mindfully in a sacred space for twenty minutes vibrates through every cell of your body and raises your vibration.

Go creative and experiment combining sound with other vibrational modalities. For instance, if you have a Tibetan singing bowl use a crystal in it while you are playing it or use a couple of drops of a flower essence in it to accentuate both.

Enjoy discovering the delights of healing with sound.

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Michelle Mayur is the creative Conscious Entrepreneur behind the Heal the Healer Membership and Mentoring Program. A published author of Angels Are Watching, she is based in Melbourne, Australia and has worked as a professional healer in private practice since 1995 at Angel Wings Healing, specializing in Spiritual Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Contact