From Pythagoras to Mozart to NASA, the Sound of the Spheres went from theory to fact.

There are three sound vibrations that the earth makes as it rotates in the galaxy. The daily rotation of the earth on its axis is called “Earth Day” and has a 194.71Hz vibration, the annual cycle around the sun is called “OM” or “OHM” and has a 136.10 Hz vibration and the 25,800 year cycle of the "North Pole" star is called “The Platonic Year” and has a 172.06 vibration.

These vibrations that the earth makes as it travels through space are the vibrations that can not only be used in prevention of illness but also to heal, relax, and energize us; keeping us balanced and healthy.

Other cultures have known and used these sounds. In India, since the recording of history, the OHM vibration (136.10 Hz) was used to tune all their instruments. In China, the (172.06 Hz) was used to tune their instruments. Although these frequencies of the earth’s rotations were not mathematically calculated until the late 1600’s, these ancient cultures knew of the innate healing properties of these vibrations.

It is a proven fact that our bodies are affected by sound. The perfection of ultrasonic equipment was a monumental medical advance. Socially, music is used daily and it affects our moods, whether uplifting or depressing. When we are worried or “down in the dumps” a cheerful or upbeat song changes our mood immediately. Different notes or combination of them, coupled with the volume and beat, is what the body uses to change its moods and attitudes.

It is known that each organ in the body has its own special frequency. The effect of the sound is amplified by activating tuning forks and stimulating the meridian points with the stem of the fork being place directly on the body. When only the ohm fork is used, its vibration travels through the body signaling the body to go into balance and discard negative feeling and blockages. We do not need to know what the body needs. The body’s innate intelligence takes that sound and uses it where ever it is needed. Just as the body breathes and fights infection without out help, it knows exactly what to do with the “OHM” frequency.

Creating a Harmonic

Creating a harmonic can be achieved by combining the Ohm fork with the platonic year or the earth day. Their combined sounds create another dimension to the healing power of sound. The harmonic that is produced by activating an Ohm tuning fork (136.10 Hz used in India) and a Platonic year (172.06 Hz used in China), sedates or relaxes. The combination the Ohm (136.10) and the earth day (194.71) tonifies, strengthens or energizes.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson ( is currently performing research in the emerging field of neuroacoustics; the results are astounding. Dr. Kurt Ebert PhD, creator of Acutone Cd’s and Acupuncture for the mind ( uses sound in the most amazing ways. If you type these numerical frequencies or websites into your “search engine” the information you will find will bring you to a new awareness of the “Power of Sound” and the significance of the “Sound of the Spheres”. To maintain good health and emotional balance, these harmonics can be applied to certain meridian points using tuning forks when physical and emotional challenges arise.

I have been using these harmonics for many aliments of my clients, my family and myself for over five years. As an example, my grandchildren treat themselves with my tuning forks on the way to school in the backseat of my car. If they have a nervous stomach, sore throat or bronchitis, the positive change has been immediate. Another example is when my husband asks me to bring the forks to the living room, I know his allergies are bothering him, he has another infected ingrown toenail or he ate something that didn’t agree with him. I also use the sedating harmonic vibration, in place of tapping, in an Energy Psychology session with severe anger, fear or trauma.

A harmonic is marked or produced by harmony.

Each frequency carries its own property, but the combination exceeds its individual power, creating a unique healing wave. This harmonic produced by the 136.10 Hz and the 172.06 Hz can also be used to enhance a meditative state, allow sleep to begin more gently and rapidly and instantly transform your energy and thought process. Simple point stimulation with this harmonic produces great relief for lower back and limb pain, psoas and gluteal muscle release, neck and upper limb pain, as well as parasympathetic points. In today’s society, inflammation seems to be the cause of many of the most common health problems. This combination reduces inflammation on contact without the use of harmful chemicals. IF we combine the “OHM” vibration with the Earth Day (194.71 Hz) it can replace your afternoon coffee break or help stimulate your immune system during cold season. Reliable information about meridian points and how to stimulate them is available for free to those interested on many sites, as well as my own.

We are made up of trace minerals. Each trace mineral in the earth has a specific vibration. It makes so much sense that we use these vibrations from the earth, the very substance of “What We Are” to bring us into homeostasis. The combination of sound and Energy Psychology is the quantum leap in self healing.


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Regina Murphy L.M.T., EST Master
Founder of Emotional Sound Techniques, Author or "The Elusive Gift of Tragedy"
Sound Therapist, BodyTalk Practitioner, certified in Neuro-Mechanical Acupuncture,
Approved Provider by The National Certification Board for Theraputic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

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