We all have the potential to create unlimited abundance in our life. The only thing that is stopping us is us. THAT’S RIGHT….YOU! At this moment you have everything you need to create unlimited abundance. HOW? WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? Let’s take a look at that……
• Do you know what you want….REALLY KNOW?
• What is your emotional state?
• Where is your focus?
• What are your intentions?
• Have you used SMART GOALS?
• Do you think you deserve to have it?
• Can you create a picture of what you want?
• Why do you want it?
This is where you start. If you want to create abundance in your life first you want to look at and have a picture of what abundance is to you. Is it unlimited energy, health, money, relationship, family, career? In order to create something you have to DEFINE IT! THAT’S RIGHT! DEFINE IT! Think about it….how can you create something if you are not clear on what it is that you really really want? Take for example someone who is out of work, it’s not enough to think about “I want a job” “why me?” instead think about what kind of work you want to be doing. If you are not sure about what it is that you want to be doing then how can you ask your universe to create it for you? Or perhaps you are looking for a job in a field that you do not find enjoyment and you have mixed feelings about that. Or your last job you really didn’t like and you may have mixed feelings about that perhaps they are unconscious but they are still there. These things all play a part in creating what you want. Let’s look at health…you say you want perfect health….and then you eat things that are not good to put into your body or you do no physical exercise? When you want to create something , it’s important to be congruent. You cannot ask for something and so nothing to move towards creating that. Sometimes you want something and then there is a place inside where you think you don’t deserve to have it! Maybe you want financial abundance but unconsciously you believe you don’t deserve it? Maybe someone told you that somewhere along your life path and you are not aware of it?
These are the steps to creating abundance in your life:
• What do you want? Be really clear about this
• Why do you want it?
• Can you create a visual picture of your goal?
• Clear any emotions attached to having it.
• Be intentional
These are some of the things you can do to move into a state of abundance and out of a state of LACK! IT’S YOUR CHOICE WHAT YOU CREATE…ABUNDANCE OR LACK….Which would you prefer?

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PhD Holistic Nutrition, ND, LMT, Life, Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy(R), Hypnosis.