Are you a freelance writer, blogger or someone who just loves putting pen to paper? If yes, are you dreaming of taking the next step and getting published? You are in the right place! is the answer you have been seeking! Our goal is to get budding writers from being an unpublished amature to a fully published and selling author! We accomplish this through our strategic book marketing. This is a detailed process that begins from when a writer submits his manuscript to us, to the detailed editing, printing, binding in book covers up to the point of market release.

Sourced media books prides itself in producing only the best books to the market. From being a traditional publisher, we have grown to include ebooks editing into our portfolio. This is done online and involves a writer submitting his work via email or uploading onto our website. The work is then read and edited by our competent editorial team and indexed before being released online for public consumption. Only the best books get to be released as ebooks while those which are not up to standard are returned to the writers with detailed suggestions for adjustment and improvement. This has enabled Sourced Media books to be recognized as the producers of high quality books of all genres.

We work with all cadres of writers including freelancers, professional authors and even those specializing in ghostwriting. This is common among celebrities and well known personalities who give professional writers permission to write books about them on their behalf. This could be because they lack the skill, time or the patience to write the book themselves hence engage the services of a professional writer to do it on their behalf. It is a long and invasive process as the writer has to dig deep into the private life of the personality so as to be able to put it down in writing.

Sourced media books also work with self published authors through reproduction and marketing of their books. The self published author writes, edits and prints his or her own book which is then checked by Sourced media book editors to check for professionalism and quality. If this is satisfactory, the renowned traditional publishing house takes up all the re-printing and market distribution tasks on behalf of the writer. This is done only after an agreeable revenue sharing deal has been signed by the two parties.

Technological advancement has seen Sourced media books grow from a traditional publisher to fully embrace and be known as a digital publisher. By making full use of the internet, we have been able to digitize and index all our work to an intelligent and easy to use online system. This has increased efficiency as well as enhanced the security of all our work. Digital documents are much more secure than hard printed paper which is susceptible to the ravages of weather, accidental damage caused by fire and even the natural aging process. Visit us today and take the leap from being just a writer to become a published author.

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Jacks Sparrow is writer for Book publishing, Strategic Book marketing and eBooks editing.