Are you looking for an efficient alternative to search engine-oriented traffic? Don’t put all your eggs on the search engine algorithms. Yes, you can take advantage of other really efficient, reliable and multiple traffic-generation-sources to reach out to your prospective clients.

Alternative Traffic Sources & Exposure
You can grow your conversions and sales via exposure from a wide range of online sources, in addition to the search engines. No doubts, it is worthwhile to get several visitors everyday via search traffic; however, don’t forget that there are two ways to access a website – getting the specific URL, or via links from other webpages, ads or emails. If it were that simple to generate multiple visitors from SEO daily, it would have been the way for everyone to follow. However, several individuals and companies are not patient enough to deploy the necessary efforts; also, most of them are constrained by capital to embark on success-oriented organic SEO campaign.

You have options other than paid traffic sources and search engines; they include content or editorial positioning for consumptions through peripheral search. Peripheral or tangential refers to clicking an ad or link from a different webpage. The reason is that the visitor had no previous intention to visit the website when logged on.

The click on the tangents in question may likely take place from links embedded in articles, links in ebooks, an RSS feed, web 2.0 properties and other sources. This is the logic; along the line, users discovered something useful in the course of surfing the web and decided to research more on it by getting to its root or source.

It doesn’t matter how the visitor got enticed to follow the link from a commercial or educational impulse; the thing that matters is that passive editorial links are capable of driving stable stream of traffic to your webpages.

We all know that the sponsor of the ad or the person who placed the links did that deliberately. The important thing is that any traffic generated from these sources is highly valued and more qualified when compared to traffic from a cold click coming from a search process; reason being that they are already qualified from the warm-up procedure.

The Message or the Medium
Individuals have layered interests and are multi-faceted, depending on their various experiences and subjects of interest. Here’s the implication; by circumstance, the medium does not count much, rather, it is the message that the reader is connected to. Emotion is the quickening force and if it happens, or does not happen on your webpage, the relevancy of a search engine or another webpage becomes useless provided the conversion is generated.

Coming from the chronological standpoint, it was the effort of users that landed them to the initial webpage, or it could be that the webmaster who was involved in the content promotion was excellent with the syndication task (feeds, email, cross-promotion and others), and opportunity brought those users to the site.

Take advantage of other traffic sources today and generate more leads, traffics as well as conversions.

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