When god created nature and everything in it, it was perfect. Every small bit like the grass, flower and birds and large elements like the sun and moon were created according to how god wanted them to be. They were designed perfected and they conducted themselves in the right manner. Over the millenniums as the whole earth and in fact the universe has undergone wear and tear; the original structure seems to be lost. For some of the major losses in nature man should be held responsible like pollution and exploiting the natural resources. But still there are lot of good elements in Nature which we can use for our benefit and use intelligently to gain good health and better life. Ormus gold is one of such nature’s gift to mankind which will not only heal him but actually help him become a better physical and spiritual being. This monoatomic element is found in various sources and various forms in nature. Let us have a look at some of the common sources and how we can be benefited by this mysterious and amazing product.

Ocean bed:
Ocean bed is naturally the largest source for all kinds of minerals and salts in the world simply because streams and rivers have been eroding the mountains and lands over the ages and depositing all the debris into the ocean. Ormus is one of the rare elements of the periodic table and is in fact the monoatomic form of precious metals. Monoatomic gold for example is the inverted form of gold and has isolated atoms spinning at high speed and resonating great amount of energy. One can extract this element in powder form from ocean bed rock and even the ocean water.

Edible sources:
The pure mountain springs are high in Ormus gold and can be consumed without any side effects. Ormus is also present in various kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal roots which can be sourced from nature and included into our daily diet. Aloe vera, purple coloured skinned berries, sugarcane, coconut water, almonds, mushrooms and very common food items which we can very easily get in our market. Regularly consuming these will increase our immunity, quicken healing and give a person more relaxed metal state.

Ormus supplements:
In recent times many people have spent lot of years, energy and money on researching about monatomic gold, how to extract it and how it can be incorporated into human life to gain various benefits. Some of these researchers have been able to extract Ormus gold elixir or concentrate in the form of oil from by deconstructing pure gold and running it through various chemical procedures. Ormus supplement come in the form of liquid which can be added to fruit juice, powder which can be sprinkled over food items or other consumable supplements in which Ormus gold has been induced. Each of these have their own advantages and side effects. So it is completely the consumer’s choice and risk. Investigate completely before you start consuming supplements that make great claims.

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