A ninja warrior with weapons (cutleries) on hand to blitz the huge pyramid-shaped paper roast!!!! You are definitely going to fail the mission miserably and get a reward of clown cap.

The south Indian meals are designed in a way that it should be mixed and eaten with hands. On the contrary, north Indians prefer to eat anything other than roti types with the spoon.

The dawn of the British Empire in India resulted in adopting a lot of their culture, custom, etiquettes, and lifestyle. This spoon culture is emulated from the Britishers who forgot to give our valuable assets (I mean Kohinoor diamonds, peacock throne, etc.,).

Despite global advancement, the south is in deep love with the traditional practices and customs. As a result, the south Indians are trolled by people all over India and other countries for eating with bare hands.

Here is the reason why south Indians love to eat with their hands

The five elements on point

According to Vedas, the universe is made up of five elements. Your system represents these natural elements with the help of five fingers. They are Fire (thumb), Air (index finger), Space (middle finger), Earth (ring finger) and Water (little finger). So when you use your fingers, these five powers get connected to your food- so power food!!

It’s hygienic

Yes, clean hands are way more hygienic than the cutlery. At least you wash your hands several times a day, but cutlery? And how sterile is the cutleries in restaurants? Think about it.

The four senses

You are using your three senses while eating- smell, sight, taste. How can you spare the 4th one- touch? Well, the 4 completes the package.

Improves blood circulation

When you have food with fingers, they get stimulated, and blood circulation happens. So, say goodbye to gyms and start eating with your hands – kidding!!

Helps in digestion

Oh, are you worried about the bacteria in your palm and that is the reason why you eat with a spoon? Ok then let me tell you, normal flora(bacteria) on the palm and fingers of the hand is not harmful to humans, it protects us from many killer microbes in the environment.

So the hands are the carriers of tiny organisms to your mouth. It is excellent for health and various body parts such as the mouth, throat, and intestine, and it promotes healthy digestion in the gut.

In short…

Every country has its unique way of eating food- some use spoons, some use forks, some use chopsticks, some use bare hands. Have you ever seen European eating chips with forks and burgers with a knife? When the restaurant walls display the posters saying- Pizza tastes better with hands, and the KFC says finger licking good, what is the big deal eating with hands?

After all, it is about loving and lodging your etiquettes.
So my dear people, savor your food with hands- it isn’t that bad
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The south Indian meals are designed in a way that it should be mixed and eaten with hands. On the contrary, north Indians prefer to eat anything..