I moved to Chennai from Hyderabad 14 years ago and started training at Auroras Business School. After passing with high grades, I joined the Institute Of Public Enterprise. Two years later, I moved back to Hyderabad to further my career in the wellness industry, working my way up from a therapist to a Senior Therapist role at La Elan Spa in Hyderabad.

To have a better career, I joined Hotel Quality Inn Residency as Head Therapist in 2015 and now I am the proud and passionate Spa Manager of The Spa at Hotel Quality Inn Residency, Hyderabad. Wait, how can I forgot to mention the company that helped me in finding the job. The company is running a free classified portal - Spa in Hyderabad where everyone can post their requirements. They have different categories for different people and I have found the Spa & Salon category and posted my requirements. Thus, I got the job.

I started my career in beauty quite late - I was 27. After graduating from college, where I was awarded student of the year/course award, I chose to work on a cruise liner so that I could travel and of course gain new experiences. From that point, I never left the world of wellness.

During my career, I have played many roles. I was being able to put Institute Of Public Enterprise on my CV and it helped open doors. Following my experience with the Institute Of Public Enterprise, I worked on cruises for two years as a therapist, where I largely carried out treatments, seminars, and covered reception. And then I have truly started to form a holistic understanding and started to fall in love with wellness.

Following work cruise, I worked in the private member spa where I worked my way up to become a Senior Therapist. My two years at Hyderabad were fantastic; I gained more knowledge and truly developed both as a person and a therapist. I was lucky to work with great people that admired and could learn from.

Then I became Head Therapist at the Spa. I was being promoted to Spa Manager before one and a half years, which is my role today!

At times, I have been faced with narrow-minded people, which has been challenging. Nevertheless, this has inspired and driven me even more to educate them and show them that wellness is much more than they may have believed. I have learned that challenges are opportunities to learn and improve from.

Many people have inspired me, empowered me, and taught me to become better, to learn, and achieve more. Up to this day, I have found inspiration through energetic and influential yet caring woman that continuously develop, lead, and shape the world of beauty and wellness as a whole. And of course, Spa in Hyderabad portal.

I love being in the spa and wellness industry as it brings together my great passions: people, healing, and beauty. It helps me to be part of an individual's transformation, improvement, and a journey to a healthier and more beautiful self. Plus, I love how much the world of wellness has developed since I started and how it is continuing to develop. This exciting evolution keeps me on my toes to constantly do more.

So, follow Spa in Hyderabad portal and achieve your goal!!

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