Having a narrow kitchen that you have to fight with some space crunch, reduce that problem focus on space saving solutions and accept in style and functionality. A tiny kitchen is challenging but it is comfortable and could easily be turned into comfortable. Here are the some tricks and solutions of creating space.

10 simple solutions to create space in the small kitchen to To make a small space feel so much bigger

1.Stay in tune with mighty new technology

Change with new technology and revamp the tiny kitchen with current new cooking stove which is compact cooking equipment put together into one unit. Even the cooks will get it convenient to cook in. With oven fixed with cook top means don’t use another space for it. Do inquiry before buying any small kitchen gadget and will get that small-space models are applicable for every gadget, containing refrigerator.

​2. Shrinking the sink

It’s not difficult that cleaning in single bowl sink. Single bowl occupy less space instead of two bowls. Depending on space, select the kitchen style of the kitchen sink of your kitchen.

3. Storage on the wall

Require more planning and deliberate to create space in tiny kitchen. If there is limitation on floor, kitchen wall is ready to use. Make plan to create space on the kitchen wall for storage and create it look stylish and make a symphony on the wall with the equivalent piece of furniture. Theses are the ways to convert a fashionable kitchen with enough storage on the wall.

4.Hangers below the cabinet:

Cups, Pots, tawa, woks, pans, these are the plenty of normal utensils which should be hanged below the cabinets for your accessibility. These ideas make your kitchen very smartly.

​5.Multi-utility breakfast bar:

Making space is the smart strategy to maintain the small kitchen running in the best manner. The breakfast bar should easily be protracted to create a storage cabinet on both sides. Finally a both side storage cabinet will make a proof to be a advantage in small space.

6.Long space for pantry:

long pantry storage cabinet is much better than other small cabinets and drawers. This also should be insert in a corner and should be designed as pull-out kitchen pantry to increase the space utilization.

​7. High up to the ceiling:

Don't waste a small space because it’s more important to make space and if you have the upright space. It will be hard to use the ceiling cabinets, so place the stuffs which are not used commonly.

​8. Squeeze in the counter regarding to the space available:

Squash in a slim counter along with storage cabinets under it making more space in the kitchen. Without this one slim counter space have simple gone in waste

9. Minimalist or simple hardware

Minimal hardware on cabinet will definitely make a big difference. In kitchen where every things matters, The small space will make you to feel spacious.

10. No doors attached

Eliminate the door to incorporate the kitchen with the dining room to create it spacious and feel biggest one. Open kitchen is new and trendy and will comfortable in the modern lifestyle.

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