Space Clearing

Space Clearing / House & Land Ceremonies?
Most clearings and ceremonies can be done in 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the house or business. If your home or business is more than 3000 square feet, it is a good idea for us to talk about what specific problems and conditions may be in your space and we can estimate how much time it may take.?

Space Clearing is a ritual found in almost every traditional or native culture in the world. It is a powerful skill that enables the practitioner to change the atmosphere of the home from one of stagnant energy to one of vibrant health, promoting and spiritually enhancing energy. In traditional cultures, space clearing, or having your home blessed, has always been considered a vital activity when moving into a new home. Typically, when the body's own energy becomes acutely stagnant, symptoms develop including irritability, tiredness, lack of enthusiasm or stamina, and depression.

The purpose of space clearing is to break up any stagnant energy within the home, refresh it, stabilize it and infuse it with your intentions. Here are some practical examples of space clearing that could be considered a vital part of uplifting the chi (energy) of your home.
When You need Space Clearing

1. Clearing the Predecessor Energy
When you move into a new home or office, it is important to consider who occupied the space before you and what has occurred there. Their health, happiness, and chi have all affected the space. Even if the new home is stripped bare of all the furnishings, the patterns of their chi will still remain. This predecessor chi will be strongest where they slept, where they sat, and along the 'pathways' that they created as they walked around the rooms. There will also be parts of a room or the home that they may not have used for various reasons. This could be a spare bedroom or a corner of a room where a piece of furniture stood hiding a corner, thereby not allowing chi to circulate easily. They may have unconsciously reacted to an existing stagnation or contributed to it in their use. Establishing a healthy circulation of chi throughout the home is imperative for your health on all levels.

2. After Physical or Psychological Illness
If you or someone in your home has been ill for a considerable period, the vibration of the home will be affected. When someone is seriously ill at home, the daily routine is affected. The occupants' social life is often inhibited and there is an atmosphere of stillness, quietness and nervous apprehension. For the person who has been ill, there may have been suffering, pain and anxiety. For the occupants who share the space, their energy naturally becomes more subdued. Space clearing after physical or psychological illness will undoubtedly improve the chi of the home and set the tone for a fresh, bright future.

3. After Big Life Changes
Stress from today's hectic lifestyle can affect all of us. The most powerful causes of 'dis-stress' include divorce, bereavement, end of a relationship, and loss of a job or change of career. Once we have come to terms with our grief, frustration or anger, it is time to move on. Rather than living in an atmosphere of chi that is charged by the past, it is important, when appropriate, to clear the old and move forward.

4. After Conflict in the Home
Burglary or, worse, assault in your home creates an atmosphere of chi that needs to be cleared. The space has been violated and many people report feeling uncomfortable when entering their home after such an event. On a lesser level, if you have had violent arguments within the home recently, these have undoubtedly left their mark on the atmosphere. Constant bickering and fighting for months or years on end allows this negative chi to seep into the space and create an atmosphere that supports further disharmony.
What is involved in a session ?

There are as many different methods of Space Clearing as there are cultures in the world. The rituals that have been used include the use of herbs, chants, potions, symbolism, spiritual ceremonies, blessings, sacrifices, gifts, fruits, plants, and holy water. Sometimes, the timing of the event to coincide with the planets or moon cycles strengthens the effect. Space clearing can be drawn from Native American traditions, Celtic ceremonies, early Christian rituals or Balinese methods; but an exploration of your ancestral traditions may be the best course of action for you.

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I am the founder of EnergyShifters and the author of the book, Shift The Energy – Change Your Life. I teach Space Clearing and Energy Healing through out the US.