A recent analysis by the GCR has shown that Spanish IVF clinic, IVF Spain, is the leading IVF clinic in Europe in terms of international clinic reputation. The analysis, which came out earlier this year, includes a total of a whopping 559 clinics across Europe rated the clinics based on their GCR score, which takes into account Facebook and Google ratings alongside other independent ratings. The average score was 2.33 and, according to the GCR, indicates an average increase in healthcare standards across Europe.

The GCR is the world’s leading provider of clinic ratings and was established in 2014 as a beta test. By the following year, a basic ranking of over 125,000 clinics was available to the general public. Over the years, this has now grown to over 430,000 clinics worldwide and has become the world’s largest database of clinics. The GCR hopes to make the information it generates available to as many people as possible across the planet and operates accredited facilities in 126 countries.

Top-class IVF clinics in Cyprus, for example, are somewhat of a new revelation. Medical tourism had traditionally found its way elsewhere and, up until fairly recently, Cyprus was not largely known for its IVF clinics. This has all changed now, however, and Cyprus has become one of the most population destinations for these sorts of treatments, as evidenced by this latest study. And there are several reasons as to why medical tourists are choosing Cyprus as their preferred destination.

According to Dünya IVF clinic in Cyprus, patients from abroad choose their clinic due to their high success rates and the growing reputation of IVF treatment clinics in the country. The company’s blog states that, “Dunya IVF Clinic is one of the most prestigious IVF clinics in Cyprus with high success rates and affordable prices”, and the recent analysis by the GCR would seem to reflect that too. However, the reputation of the clinics is not the only reason why some are choosing to come to Cyprus, the company’s blog goes on to say “different patients from all around the world can have an opportunity to realise their dream to become a parent and combine it with a relaxing holiday.”

Another key factor in the success of treatment centres such as Dünya IVF clinic in Cyprus is the cost. While countries such as the UK, US and Germany are known for their quality, they are also some of the most expensive in the world and, with clinics in Spain and Cyprus both matching and surpassing them in quality just without the price, the results of the GCR’s recent analysis come as less of a surprise. Patients are more than willing to travel to foreign places for treatment, IVF clinics in Cyprus for example, if it means they can get better IVF treatment at a fraction of the cost they would have to pay in countries such as the US and UK.

The idea that you could save money on top-quality IVF treatment in a foreign country while also using the trip as a holiday will certainly appeal to some, however, what is more appealing here is the idea that you don’t necessarily need to spend your life savings in order to get access to world-class treatment or facilities. For some people, this could revolutionise their IVF treatment options and open up a world of new possibilities. IVF Clinics in Cyprus and elsewhere are on the rise not just for the fact that they are cheaper, but for the fact that their treatment and care is potentially better too.

With more and more couples wanting to undergo IVF treatments each year, it would seem that the demand for top-class IVF clinics, both in Cyprus and elsewhere in the world, is certainly in high demand. And clinics like DünyaIVF in Cyprus have no shortage of success stories. A quick scroll through the clinic’s website leads to a page filled to the brim with messages from ecstatic patients singing the praises of both the clinic and the staff who treated them. Without a doubt, this kind of publicity is helping fuel the popularity of Dünya and various other clinics around Europe, especially in the digital age of social media.

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