Spanish Fly. You probably already heard about it. After all, it is one of the most searched products in Google. But what is it Spanish Fly? Is Spanish Fly dangerous? What ingredients are used in Spanish Fly and what is its history? I heard these questions like a million times. It's time to settle this once for all. Let's jump right into it. 

What is it Spanish Fly?

Once it was a strong and dangerous aphrodisiacal product made from green beetles. However, it is not now. The old, original product is no longer on the market for decades. You can't buy it. Some people write about this old Spanish Fly like it still exists. You can even find an article on Wikipedia about it. 

Trust me. I tried to find it. Just to try it out. As I am a big fan of these kinds of products. But you can't find it. It was just too dangerous for the users. 

What is Spanish Fly now? 

The name is so well-known and famous, it is now a type of product. Spanish Fly is a synonym for aphrodisiacs. There are literally HUNDREDS of different Spanish Fly brands. All claims to do the same. Help you with your libido, boost your appetite for sex, make you enjoy sex more... But as it always is, not all really works. 

What ingredients should Spanish Fly have?

Put it simple. It should contain as many aphrodisiacs as possible. Period. If it has none or maybe one, the effects will be weak. If it has 5 or more, the chance it will work on you will dramatically increase. 

EDIT:Many (and I mean MANY) people ask me what are really good aphrodisiacs, so I decided to write it little more in detail. Please scroll little down in this article and find "what are the best aphrodisiacs" part. 

What are best Spanish Fly brands now?

This isn't an easy question to answer. Plus please note, this article is not here to sell anything. I am not using any "affiliate" or "referral" links to any product's website. Nor using any my-special promo codes. This just reflects my own research as I tried these 5 products on myself and my wife.

Spanish Fly Pro

My rating: YOUR BEST BET


Spanish Fly Pro comes in a liquid form. Extremely concentrated drops in a small black bottle. Why "extremely" concentrated you ask? Well, all you need to do is mix the bottle and then add only 5 drops into a beverage. That is it. Then you just need to wait about 10 minutes to see the results. 


This is the reason everybody loves this Spanish Fly Pro. I never saw any other product that has no 1 aphrodisiac, no 2... but 7 different aphrodisiacs in it. 

And the best part? These are the 7 strongest aphrodisiac known to us. All in one bottle of concentrated liquid. 

The ingredients are as follows: 

Zinc (as zinc gluconate)      

Maca root extract   

Arginine hydrochloride   

Tribulus terrestris fruit extract   

Guarana seed extract   


Panax ginseng root extract 

I will write about each aphrodisiac later in the article. 

Manufacturer & User's Ratings

There is an official website with all the business information about the manufacturer. You can find certificates and the US FDA compliance documents about this product. This is not another "Made in Chyna" type of product. 

As you probably noticed, I love Spanish Fly Pro. It could be stronger. It could work even better. But there is no other better product on the market now. And I tried many of them.

German Sex Drops

My rating: POOR 


This is one of the female sexual enhancers in the market which comes in liquid form. According to the sites that sell the product, the female sexual booster is supposed to increase sexual appetite and thus enhance the sexual experience.

The main ingredient of the product is a substance called Cantharid which is also present in other sexual stimulation products. The sellers of the product also claim that it is very effective in increasing lubrication and clitoral sensitivity. But are these claims true? Below is a detailed and unbiased review of the product to find out the truth of the mater.


The product is made up of only two ingredients- Cantharid and melatonin. Since German Sex Drops do not have an official website, it is very difficult to come up with an ingredients list. It is also very difficult to ascertain the claims made about the ingredients by the third party sites which sell the sexual enhancing product.

Manufacturer & User's Ratings

As earlier stated, it is not possible to find anything about the manufactures of the product since the product does not have an official website. However, the quality of a product can be determined by the review it receives from customers. As such, German sex drops has 30 customer reviews with a rating of 2 stars on Amazon. A rating of 2 stars is a red flag which means the product is of low quality.

Most customers claim that the product simply does not work. Furthermore, they claim that the company would not accept back the product.

Spanish Fly Love

My rating: LOOKS GOOD


Spanish fly love is another sex enhancing product. Like its counterpart, the product comes in liquid form and the user just pours a few drops into a beverage and waits for about five minutes before the effects kick in. Although the product is not a prescription medication, a person should use it in moderation. The amount of drops that you decide to consume will depend on your responsiveness to stimulants and the extremity of your sexual endeavours. 


According to the vendors of Spanish fly love, there are a number of active ingredients in the sex enhancer formula. They include:

L-arinine  - This ingredient makes the blood vessels to relax which causes better blood circulation to the sexual organs.

Maca - The Ingredient is a very strong aphrodisiac which increases both sexual performance and appetite.

Tribulus Tessestris - This is a flower which has been scientifically proven to increase sexual drive.

Caffeine - Caffeine is a stimulant which works mostly on the central nervous system and helps a person to stay alert. As such, it is very useful in stimulating the brain therefore keeps tiredness at bay.

Guarana - Guarana is an energy booster as well as a stimulant.

Manufacturer & User's Ratings 

You can find the official manufacturer and seller on the official websites. Furthermore, third-party websites sell the stimulant as well. 

The product has a rating of 4.0 stars on Amazon. The product has a 20% 5-star rating and a whopping 67% 4-stars rating. 

The Spanish Gold Fly

My Rating: STAY AWAY

The Spanish Gold Fly is one of the most popular sexual stimulants in the market today. The stimulant gets its name from a Spanish Fly. However, after the usage of the aphrodisiac, it was discovered that the product had a number of side effects which led to the banning of the product from the market. However, after research and improvement on the product, scientists were able to develop a variation of the aphrodisiac without the negative effects.


At first, the product was applied to the sexual organ to enhance sexual stimulation. However, the mode of application was changed and now the product is available in liquid form. Upon ingestion, the product increases a person’s libido level which makes them become sexually aroused. It also causes the clitoris to become more lubricated and sensitive.


The main ingredient of the Spanish Gold fly is Cantharid. Or at least I think. Although in its original form the ingredient had side effects, scientists have since developed Cantharid which does not have the negative effects. 

Manufacturer & User's Ratings 

Like the most products reviewed above, the information of the manufacturers of the product is difficult to come by. All there are are third party websites which sell the product. However, the product is sold on Amazon and has a rating of 2.5 stars after 21 customer reviews. Of the 21 reviews, 5 customers were satisfied with the product. However, sixteen of the customers were not happy at all. Some customers state that it does not work and it is an absolute waste of money to purchase the product.

Silver Fox


Silver fox sexual enhancer comes in two main forms- liquid and powder. The liquid drop sexual enhancer is produced by Guangzhou Hengchuntang Pharmacy Co. Ltd in China.


According to the manufacturer, a person is supposed to consume only one package per session 10 to 5 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. The sexual enhancer can be mixed with soft drinks, caffeine and other non-toxic beverages. It should not be used by pregnant and nursing mothers.


The product is packaged in 12 tubes of 5ml packets.

Silver fox powder aphrodisiac 

Unlike other aphrodisiacs or sex enhancers, silver fox also comes in powder form. The product is white in color and is also odorless. Like its counterparts, the aphrodisiac is mixed with a beverage and then consumed 5 to 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse.

Manufacturer & User's Ratings 

There is no information on the manufactures of the powder silver fox and the product is mainly sold through third party vendors. The packaging of the product, as well as the price, varies depending on the vendor. The silver fox powder is also available on Amazon where it has a rating of 2.8 stars after 5 customer reviews. One of the greatest complaints is that the product has only 3 pieces yet the label on the brand sold on Amazon indicates there are 12 pieces inside. The customers feel cheated. Another customer laments that the product does not have an ingredients list. The package only states that the ingredients are “safe.”

Conclusion - What Spanish Fly Brat try?

My pick is Spanish Fly Pro for sure. You can find many reviews online about it. People love it. And honestly, I love it too. Easy dosage, super-safe to use. And it works in a few minutes. And what is most important. It works. 

However, these are just my words. Go online and try to look for some reviews or maybe websites making some analyzing and lab testing. Do your homework. Its your money and your body :-)

The effects of the Spanish fly

  1. Increases the urge for sex

 One thing that you should put in mind is that once you use this product, then you better be ready to have some good sex time. There is always an urge for you to have sex once you have used this product. It is not an ingredient that you use and wait, because it will have negative effects on you. So after using it, be ready to be intimate with your partner. 

  1. Eases pain during Sexual Intercourse

Well, most women experience pain while having sex which is a bit unusual. When you use this product, be sure that as a woman, you are going to have a good time because there is no pain in this. 

What are the Best Aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are used to promote a person's sex drive, and generally boost their arousal. They can prove very useful even for patients or couples who may be struggling with their fertility. 

All these aphrodisiacs have been proven to have an aphrodisiac effect, for both men and women. The herbs below have been used by communities all over the world for many generations, making them great natural aphrodisiacs for those looking to boost their sexual mood and performance.
Maca extract

This aphrodisiac is obtained from the root of the Maca plant, which is a perennial ground cover. The herb is gaining popularity as a sexual performance-enhancing drug because of its ability to tweak one's sexual desire. Maca extract has the advantage of being an all-natural product, and it can be used without requiring any processing or alterations. Also, it works for fertility as well, by boosting a man's sperm count with every dosage.

Experts recommend taking 1500 mg of the herb daily. Some people prefer maca extract because it works gradually, not as suddenly or immediately as other products. This also means that it takes some time before beginning to wear off. That might sometimes be seen as a disadvantage for those who want a quick boost, but it also means that it has little or no side effects on the body.

L-arginine HCL

Arginine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks used to manufacture protein. It is found in foods such as meat, nuts, eggs, and even cheese. L-arginine HCL is the chemical extract of the amino acid, which is packaged as a supplement and sold in pharmacies. As an aphrodisiac, doctors recommend taking around 500 mg and 3000 mg daily, for as long as the effects are desired. The amount is increased depending on how much stimulation a person's body needs, and doctors usually advise on this. It works by increasing libido, thus making a couple desire to have sex more often.
The best thing about this root is the fact that it has a wide range of positive sexual effects, unlike most herbs which only work of one function in the body. For example, it can be used to enhance arousal as well, making sex a good experience. However, L-arginine HCL can cause gastrointestinal discomfort if too much of it is used. That being said, as long as users keep their dosages within recommended limits, the aphrodisiac is very effective


Caffeine is a stimulating compound found in food items such as coffee. Most of the population is no stranger to caffeine because multitudes of people around the world consume coffee daily as a way to boost their adrenaline and brain activity. As a herbal aphrodisiac, coffee boosts sexual activity by giving the body a lot of energy and stimulating blood flow.

A cup of coffee daily should generate positive results, although coffee junkies might need to take more of it for the effects to start kicking in. The advantage is that caffeine as an aphrodisiac is readily available in almost every household, and the effects start to kick in within minutes. However, taking too much of it can have the opposite effect, decreasing sexual drive. Here, moderation is key. As long as a person can stay within the limits, coffee is the perfect natural aphrodisiac.

Panax ginseng
This herb is more popularly known as red ginseng. It is widely grown in Korea, where it has been used for centuries as herbal medicine for the skin, the digestive system, as well as an aphrodisiac. One can buy the red ginseng root and cook it for eating. Unlike other supplements or stimulants, it does not need to be taken daily. It should be consumed when needed. Panax ginseng works by relaxing the muscles and improving blood flow during sex. The herb may have negative side effects if too much of it is used. For example, it can cause insomnia due to its stimulant properties. That being said, it is great for enhancing sexual activity in an all-natural way.
Guarana is a climbing shrub with origins in South America. The extract is added to soft drinks and alcoholic drinks to act as a stimulant. It works by exciting the nerves, heightening the sexual experience. It can be taken while in a soft drink, making it enjoyable to consume. The guarana begins to take effect almost immediately, except if a person has cultivating a high tolerance for it. The con is that guarana does not have any effect on a person's hormones, so it cannot be used effectively as a long-term stimulant. Even so, it is extremely easy to consume.

Tribulus terrestris
This herb is also a herb that grows as a ground cover. It is best used as an aphrodisiac by women because it promotes sexual arousal. One should take around 750 mg daily, for about four months to improve overall sex drive. The herb is great because it affects many sexual functions, including desire, arousal, and performance. The drawback is that it can cause discomfort in the digestive tract if too much is taken. The herb works really well and with a wide scope.

Zinc gluconate

Zinc gluconate is a supplement containing zinc, a very important mineral for great sexual health. It should only be taken if the body has a zinc deficiency, otherwise it will not have the desired effects. Zinc gluconate is taken daily as a tablet until zinc levels in the body are restored

History of the Spanish Fly

If you are into the history, here you go! This insect has been studied a lot by both students and scientists. After few studies, people started crushing the insects' body so as to make love portions. The active ingredient, cantharid was put into use by the likes of Maria Theresa, Julius Ceaser, Napoleon, among others. As a result of this, it became so popular among the Europeans because it worked out very well for them. After some time, companies were able to come up with effective products out of the insect ingredient with no side effects that can be used safely. The beetle has an active ingredient called cantharides which is an active ingredient which stirs up genital inflammation. What it does is it increases blood flow to your genitals which then swells when you pee. It is correct to say that the Spanish fly in an oral Viagra. Though it is actually toxic as discovered by a French chemist, Pierre Robiquet, it plays a crucial role in sexual desire. 

How Spanish Fly Worked

Initially, the method of application used to be applied externally but today, we use the intake method. It is more suitable for both men and women because it is in liquid form. Also, new mixtures of the same were developed so that there is reduced negative effects and it worked out really well. It is known that men who regularly use this ingredient have better erections while in women, it helps prevent the drying of the vagina. 

The truth of the matter is that it works out very well. What happens is that once you apply the powder on your genital, you instantly feel the urge to erect, it happens so fast than you can imagine. At the same time, you feel like you want to urinate in an unusual manner. But once you have erected, you feel hard and strong, and that urge to have sex gradually increases and if you do not do it, it becomes itchy as you erect more and more. While having sex, the erection stays up for long even after ejaculation. This just shows how effective the Spanish fly can be.

What were the Ingredients in the original, old Spanish Fly?

The ingredient that was found in the Spanish fly is Cantharid that was so effective but it had some side effects. But after scientists exposed it, they were able to know how it worked perfectly well for the female Female fly. 

The research that was done enabled several companies to come up with different versions of the aphrodisiacs then made love portions that have no side effects. The modern products that are available have the original Spanish fly portion which has no side effects. 

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Spanish fly has proven to be very effective in recent years. Scientists are recommending couples to use this product because of its low risks as well as improving sexual desires among couples. It is important that you use the Spanish fly because it boosts your morale and confidence during sex. 

As we have seen, it has so many advantages which outweigh the disadvantages. If you are looking for a sexual enhancer, then the Spanish fly is the best to go for. The only thing left is the find the best brand to use. Good luck!

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.