Speaking your Truth

How often have we wanted to tell someone how we feel about them, about an action they have taken or something they have done to us. Instead of sitting down and having that conversation we have found ways to avoid it. To forget it in inertia or diversionary tactics, letting resentment, anger, hurt build up and erode not only our sense of well being but the well being of that relationship
Whatever we feel for someone,whatever vibration we have for them, we are putting that out there. So if a friend lets you down, a partner upsets you and you say nothing. Several things happen. That toxicity of unspoken emotions builds up in you. It starts emotionally and if continually suppressed can manifest as a physical illness. Years of swallowing your anger and hurt can give you ulcers. Years of never speaking your truth can give you constant sore throats, upset tummies, viral infections that never clear. And even though a thought is not voiced its still there. It hangs in the air between you and the other person and slowly infects the energy between the 2 of you. We all have an etheric awareness. Those feelings of knowing when someone is following you,thinking of you, been talking about you.Some of us are more intuned than others thats all. But we always know on some level when there is disharmony in our relationhsips. We feel it. We cant say what we feel sometimes but we feel something is wrong
So what to do?
Connect with your heart. When someone upsets you, when something happens that causes a strong negative emotion in you. Connect to your heart beat and ask yourself honestly what are you upset about? Is it your pride or ego that is hurt or is it your heart that is hurt, your inner you. Your soul. Connect to your solar plexus and ask it how it feels. Thats the same as asking your gut what it feels about the situation. Find a quiet place, maybe in nature where you wont be disturbed and see what thoughts come to you
Write them down. See which are just wounded ego and which go to the core of you. Use your impartiality and allow yourself the time to release the emotions you are feeling. Have a good cry. Hit a pillow. Get it out safely.
Then when the emotion has been released safely and with no harm to you or anyone else, re connect with your heart and your truth and start that dialogue with that person. Its not about attaching blame, its about being honest in your feelings and sharing those. If you speak from the heart, if you speak your Truth and you speak it with Love. Love for yourself and the other person. And Compassion then there is no reason why you cannot air how you feel. Its not about hurting the other person, its about finding a way to build a bridge and heal.
Connect with your Truth. What is your Truth.And everyday promise yourself to be impeccable with your word.
Stay blessed
Copyright Amber Agha

Author's Bio: 

Amber is a Reiki healer, Indian Head Massage Therapist and Intuitive living and working in London