Astrology cannot be separated from spirituality, and we observe that Divine Archetypes descend into the earth plane during very specific planetary alignments. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Sri Krishnas while the Moon was exalted in Taurus, hence Krishna's avatar is associated with the Moon. Krishna is the ultimate enigma, an embodiment of Love, and a supreme Warrior. His life was intensely spiritual and intensely material. Sri Krishna is the Archetype of Love and on his birthday you can connect with the highest consciousness of the universe. With Love you experience perfect beauty, perfect wealth and perfect relationships. Be infused with Love and embrace the Archetype of Love on his Birthday, Krishna Jayanthi.

The Last Mantra from Sri Krishna Jayanthi

Mantras Protect the Mind Krishna was born under the Rohini birth star on the waning 8th Moon (Ashtami tithi). This year the 8th Moon and Vishnupati both take place on, Sunday August 17th (IST) making it extra powerful day. In honor of the Sri Krishna's birthday we present the last mantra that Lord Krishna gave to humanity. The mantra will protect you from suffering of all kinds (mental, spiritual, physical, and especially financial suffering).

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

(Mantras protect the mind, so constantly repeat the mantra in your mind.)

What is the proof that this mantra is going to work? You can look at the life of the founder of the Hare Krishna movement. It was due to divine inspiration from Krishna that he travelled to the west. He was already in his seventies, in poor health and he had no money. While he was on the ship he had a couple of heart attacks. He completely put his life into the hands of Lord Krishnas. So what did he do? He was able to transform the entire world with Krishna consciousness, that was his mission. Money poured in and miracles started to happen in the lives of people who chanted Krishna.

You too can experience money miracles. Krishna will first make sure that you have the money you need. How will you get it? It is through miracles that he will perform on your behalf. Chant Krishna's last mantra for money miracles. You really have to take care of your material needs, which is represented by Vishnu. So, on the day that Krishna incarnated, chant the mantra that he gave to the world for your protection from suffering.

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Participate in the Krishna Jayanti rituals or Krishna Janmashtami rituals on Sep or August Month.