I know this is a task for October and not February, but since the weather turned sour and put the excitement for gardening activities on hold again, I thought I’d put together a list of interesting daffodil varieties to consider next fall.

Flower Drift is a double daffodil with pure white petals and a bright coral center, intensely fragrant.
My Story is a light pink variety with an ruffled salmon pink middle. Fragrant.
Apricot Whirl has a split corona which makes it look more like a day lily than a daffodil, including the pure pink color.

Hoop Petticoat is white and trumpet shaped with bright yellow stamens poking out. The outside petals are wispy rays growing around the center.

Rip Van Winkle looks like an exploding star, with countless yellow shards spiking in all directions.

Petit fours are pure pink with no hint of yellow; their double middle is baby pink, slightly darker than the barely blush exterior petals. Also fragrant.

Cassata has a split bright yellow corona overlaid on almost white exterior petals. It matures to pure white.

I am very fond of the classic yellow jonquils, and there is no lack of them in my garden. The older ones have naturalized and formed large clumps that delight me with bloom during the whole month of April.

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