To: Anyone committed to being the best they can be.
From: The Goals Coach
Subject: Greatness

This week remember that greatness is not common. It's not doing what everyone else is doing that makes you great, it's consistently doing what few are willing to endure.

When remaining comfortable becomes a priority mediocrity becomes a habit. This week seek out challenges that require more than you think you currently have to give and then push yourself to get it done. Love yourself for your willingness to reach beyond your grasp. Love yourself for your willingness to walk the road less traveled. Love yourself for being you. The world is a better place because you are in it; be sure that what you do this week is an affirmation of that truth.

Stay thirsty my friends ;-)

L. Andrew Morgan
The Goals Coach

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L. Andrew Morgan is known as The Goals Coach by coaching clients, seminar participants, and more than 300,000 people around the world who enjoy his success messages via Twitter.

He is the author of "About Goals: The Daily Goals Tool Kit", and "About Goals: 101+ Quick Tips to Reach Your Goals". In addition, he has developed tools such as the "About Goals: Life-Motion Study" and "The About Goals Daily Journal", all designed to help achievers find clarity and focus to reach their objectives faster.

He currently lives on the east coast in Silver Spring, Maryland, and is President of Breakthrough Achievement Systems, Inc. and the founder of Http://