Prosperity and Growth is something we all strive for. Inviting prosperity and good luck into our lives requires that we should remove all blockages that are preventing us from achieving it. Using prosperity gemstones can help to encourage prosperity and abundance. Specific Birthstones for prosperity, wealth and success can give an energetic layer of support when we embark on your job or investing efforts.

Each of these gemstones for money, prosperity and success work in a unique way to bring you lots of prosperity, wealth and abundance you are seeking. Combining the energy of these wealth and prosperity stones with your own intention is the most impactful way to open your life up to receiving prosperity and flow of wealth into your life.

You may wonder why certain people keep getting wealthier whereas your monetary status does not seem to improve at all. They perhaps have found their lucky gemstones that are assisting them to prosper. It is also, however, important to choose your own special gemstone so that the gemstone vibrations can become attuned with your own vibrations to show its maximum power and effects.

  • Agate Stone:

    This is an amazing prosperity stone works marvellously by clearing energy blockages from your body. Meditating with this stone in each hand helps to remove obstacles and thus open your energy field to a life of wealth, abundance and prosperity.

  • Citrine Stone:

    Citrine is the best prosperity stone because it helps you to achieve your goals faster. Citrine stone is also referred to as the merchant stone because it helps to bring prosperity to the traders and business owners. Wearing this stone can give you a comfortable and luxurious life.

  • Green Jade Stone:

    Since ancient times, jade has been the most admired stone of harmony, prosperity and wisdom. It is an amazing lucky stone that can promote the flow of prosperity, fortune and abundance into our lives. It also improves your concentration power and mental skills to bring you success.

  • Yellow Sapphire:

    The Yellow Sapphire gemstone is one of the best gemstones for attracting wealth and prosperity in your life. Yellow Sapphire helps you to achieve your objectives in life and makes you a successful person. Placing a yellow sapphire stone in the north direction of your workplace prospers you in your business ventures and opens up new roads for business development.

These gemstones also helps to activate the crown chakra of the body that encourage creativity, imagination and ingenuity that can give support to career growth prospects as well. They also help to open the intellectual mind to grab the new possible opportunities.

Author's Bio: 

Āchary Kalki Krishnan is a well-known astrologer as well as gemmologist; in this article he explained the benefits of gemstone.