Words are everywhere. No matter where you go "work, school, home, video games, even the Internet" you cannot get away from the written word. Being able to read faster and comprehend more of what you read will help you not only when you have to read for business or classes, but it will help you in every aspect of your life.

The ability to speed read "defined as reading more than 500 words in a minute with a minimum of 50% comprehension rate" will help you immensely in every stage of life. Read over your reports in less time, giving yourself more time to discuss things with your co-workers. Read books because you want and self-improvement more quickly to increase your knowledge on other subjects, to allow you to get ahead in business, school, and life. Keep the peace at home by reading that book your husband or wife has been nagging you about in only an hour or two before moving onto more pleasurable subjects.

With the Complete Speed Reading course, improve your entire family's reading speed, memory, reading comprehension and recall, concentration, and note taking skills.

We guarantee you'll be reading significantly faster. Read Speed Read in Only One Hour. With Think Right, you learn to use your mind and learn how to get what you want. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading confirms all that were learn in the other courses and focuses on memory, concentration and recall skills.

Supplement your study with our 12 MP3 audio add-ons, to ensure rapid success. The proven techniques taught through the MP3s, which can be downloaded to your favorite device, follow the books and include subjects such as memory enhancement and speed reading comprehension. Also included are audio courses on relaxation techniques and stress relief, developing self confidence, and eliminating the negative inner dialogue in order to cement the new techniques into your brain.

Written by Dr. Jay Polmar, a former instructor at colleges and universities in several states, and author with over 40 titles to his name, Speed Read Complete Home Edition has been used by parents and professionals in all areas from government to education to the corporate world. Used by parents, students, corporations, teachers, and government officials in over 25 countries, components of Speed Read Complete program have been translated into five other languages to help people learn to speed read in their native language and all are available at www.speedread.org .

Teach your child to become top performers in University and in the Corporate America. Be sure to check out Dr. Jay Polmar's most excellent course: The Complete Speed Reading Program -- there are personal and corporate editions with goal planning The Complete Speed Reading program , and be a top performer in University and business- be powerful! This article is available as a unique content article with free reprint rights.

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Dr. Jay Polmar, the founder of www.speedread.org , taught classes in colleges and universities for 16 years.