What is speed volunteering?

Speed volunteering is when you do something free and it does not take much time.

Open a door for someone. Smile when you can. Ask a neighbor if he/she needs something from the grocery store.

Americans do not work together. And, we need to change. If a neighbor and/or a friend has trouble with an automobile, ask, "Can I help?"

If you see a single parent, ask, "Is there anything that I can do for you?"

Some of this seems silly. But, we could make lifestyles easier for many people. It seems that we live in a "comfort" zone, and do not want to become involved with others.

Many senior citizens volunteer for a senior center, Goodwill, Salvation Army and other places. I insist that you do not need to devote long hours. Just an hour or so a week would help you.

What do you get from volunteering? Volunteering is like sculpting your innards. It is like looking into a mirror and building character.

There are Americans, who will travel to Haiti, or other places to help rebuild a country. What is amazing ---how many Americans donate time and work in downtown sections of our largest cities? Not many.

We can not seem to work together! Maybe that is our culture. We are spoiled in many ways, and many people do not want to go out of the way----to help others. It is like they are saying, "I've earned mine, why should I be concerned about their life?"

I am sure that it says something in the Bible about helping others. But, many Christians remain steadfast and do not venture far from home.

The sad part of this arguement is that, many people have a good income, plenty of time, but look the other way ----until a tragedy occurs.

Volunteering enables one to look inward and get a glimpse of their life. It is also an attitude. If you do something - for nothing - then your rewards will come! Some people call it, Karma....I call it "attitude."


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Speed volunteering should be pushed in schools and churches. It is a Christian thing to do. Helping others - enables us to build character and self esteem (confidence).

Why aren't more students asked to volunteer? " why," said one boy, "I am not going to work for nothing!" He would not be working for nothing. What goes around, comes back around.....and he would gain satisfaction, and maybe an endorsement for a job.
Our students have become angry, selfish and could help others. Maybe we should hand out certificates.