There are many magical spells that can be performed in every day's life. Simple things such as crossing your finger when you are hoping for something to happen can be a simple and easy spell that you can perform. If you are interested in magic and would like to know how you can also benefit from it, you must know some magic spells for beginners and the right way to cast them.

Before you cast any spell, you need to first realize that spells involve certain risks and consequences. You are essentially creating karma with each spell you cast. Whatever you give or send, you will receive it as well three-fold. Cast positive spells and you will receive good karma; but if you cast negative spells, be ready to take bad karma in return. In addition, remember that only what can be changed may actually be altered by magic A spell can help improve one's health, but cannot make your amputated leg to grow back again.

Phases Of The Moon

How shiny or large the moon is as its various phases can influence how effective spells will be. T bring things into one's life like job, love and wealth, spells need to be performed when the moon is big. If the moon is waning, such is the perfect time to cast spells that will remove things from a person's life. In essence, the highly important spells are perfect to cast during full moon when magic it most powerful.

Spells For Certain Days

Aside from the moon's phases, another thing that you need to pay attention to is the day when you will cast the spell. cast healing, strength and protection spells on Sundays. Family and fertility spells are best on Mondays. Tuesday is the ideal day to cast courage and passion spells. Wednesdays are good for enchantments on travel, job and wisdom. Prosperity and money enchantments on Thursdays; beauty, friendship and love chants on Fridays. Finally, Saturdays are great days to enchant fortune, creativity and removal of negative energy.

Colors Of Magic Medium Used

There are various mediums that can be used in spell casting; such as stones and candles. These materials also have their specific colors that you must choose appropriately to make your magic more effective. Red candles and red stones like Garnet are best for enchantments involving energy, motivation, love and passion. Pink candle or rose quartz are ideal for enchanting peace, friendship and love. Blue candle and turquoise are suggested for intuition and healing chants; green candles or moss agate for prosperity and money; yellow candle or citrine for wisdom; brown candle or tiger eye for nature; purple candle or amethyst for power, psychic abilities and strength; black candle or black onyx for protection; white candle of crystal is for renewal, truth and purity.

Know what you really want before you cast the spellshelp. You need to be confident and focused while enchanting. Cast spells in a place where you will be least disturbed. Use an altar or end table where you will place the things you will use. For beginners, the most ideal spells are those that use candles anointed with oil like sweet almond or olive oil.

You need not make your spells too elaborate. Simple chants are easy to cast and will also be more effective.

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