How do you spend your money? Oops, I'm sorry for asking you this offending question! Let me put it in a friendlier manner. How much time do you spend planning your finances? Majority of people do hardly spend their time when it comes to planning their finances. Financial planning is the most important thing that you should not avoid.

How will you attain true financial stability? Earn money, save some amount of money and also spend some amount of the money earned. From economics perspective, income equals to savings and expenditure. When you save part of your salary, then you're paying yourself first. It is savings that will create more ways of generating income. This means that the amount of money saved should be invested. Investments create employment opportunities for many families.

Probably you're working hard in order to live a comfortable life that you dream of. To live a comfortable life, your income/salary should be adequate. It should not be too little in that it cannot buy all basic needs and enable you to save some amount of money.

Some people work hard in their jobs in order to increase their income but once they get the increment, they end up spending the whole amount of money lavishly without considering about tomorrow. Okay, tomorrow will take care of itself. But again, this tomorrow will not be worthy if we don't plan today.

While in a discussion with my friend, she mentioned to me that the moment she gets an increment in her salary, her expenses also increases. There is a tendency of people increasing their expenditures the moment their salaries increase. They move from their current apartments to bigger expensive houses, they buy new model of cars and above all these they befriend new people to entertain. New people who are of their social status.

Their friends praise them. They perceive them as the ones who have made it in life. But this is not their true financial status. It is false in the sense that they're not creating any financial stability. If they retire or they're fired, then they realize that they don't have enough resources to sustain them.

Your true financial stability is only attained when you sit down and plan well your financial goals. True financial stability is living within your means and saving money to invest. You plan what percentage of your salary you'll be putting aside. This percentage is for financing projects that will generate more money, creating wealth.

Through financial planning, you're directed towards investing your money. By acquiring various assets gradually that generate an income, in the long run you'll find that you have created wealth. Your wealth in form of assets will supplement your primary income. In fact, you'll realize that you're able to earn more money from them compared to the salary you earn from your full-time job.

Don't squander the money generated by these assets (projects). Instead, continue saving. Save it in order to create more wealth. Make this to be a repetitive activity throughout your life. Financial planning overcomes aimless spending. If you don't have a financial plan in your life, then you're like a ship without a rudder, which is wandering aimlessly in the sea.

Remember that your financial plan only works when you discipline yourself. The more money you sacrifice in the short period, the more secure you're financially in the long run.

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